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Zombie in Modern World

Herry Budiman

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Everybody picturing a zombie as eating the flash creature, whoever gets bite will be get infected by some zombie virus. In the movie
zombie always act outside of human physical and behavior. Zombie can be
everywhere and anything but not like when we watch a zombie movie. Different culture and countries have a different picture how zombie looks like. In this paper, I will inform under my opinion what the real zombie mean,
what it is, and how it looks like.  




Zombie in Modern World

In Hollywood zombie always picture as corpses get back alive
and can be acting in some way. The zombie myth is been really old in the
history of American culture. Zombie story appeared the first time in Haiti in
the 17 centuries where France hauled African slaves to work on sugar
plantations. From all the salve that brought overseas,
they all die within few years and that’s where the zombie myth start appropriated
by American culture.

The brain-eating story
was from the slave eating their own brain, not
from others. Mike Mariani (2018) said,
“The zombie archetype, as it appeared in Haiti and mirrored the humanity that
existed there from 1625 to around 1800, was a projection of the African slaves’
relentless misery and subjugation”. All Haitian slaves believe the only way bring back to Lan Guinee or what we called
Guinea this era is just thru suicide.

This Haiti’s folklore zombie myth evolved into Voodoo
religion. Voodoo priest or sorcerers known as bokor, they are using the dead witch
or black magic to carry out nefarious tasks. Zombie Voodoo becomes religion were more representative of
the anxieties of slavery mixed with sorceress and necromancy. That one of the reasons why zombies become the horror of
slavery after facing dilution.

Now we talking about the zombie
in a different form and what is the real
zombie is?.  After reading and learn about
a zombie, I decide
that Virus, bacteria, and parasites are the real actual zombie. It’s not like
we see all this time in the Hollywood movie,
they dress like Halloween custom. Virus, fungus, and bacteria can grow and
spread and take over all living things brain. A parasite living inside another object
as a host.  They can make they host to
die and can take control into host brain and change the behavior in specific
ways to the object.


The chance of zombie apocalypse can be happening with
anytime, but different zombie apocalypse from the Hollywood movie. With all new
viruses keep getting shown to the surface
without any medicine can heal or remove from our body, for example like AIDS, bird
flu, and some other disease can cause death to us. “It was very clear that the
parasite is interfering with some very basic plant processes and changing the
identity of the plants, and that’s what zombies are really,” says Hogenhout.



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