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Your manager has ask you to write a report by describing theadvantages compare to other methods (like manual drawing and model making ) ofproducing drawing electronically using CAD package . the advantages need to beof the following :Quality Accuracy Time  Too many advantageof using cad unlike manual drawing. With cad you can easily save on thecomputer and can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection. Anotheradvantage CAD is there no chance of losing your documents unlike manual drawing.Also cad drawing can be saved electronically without the paper; it is anenvironmental friendly method.The best ofvirtually representing a structure is 3D drawing.

3D model can be create bymanual drawing but it wouldn’t look realistic as 3D model by auto cad.  Creating 3d model it’s challenging and timeconsuming, it’s much easier with auto cad.The greatest advantage of CAD drafting over hand drafting isthe reduction in design time, which leads to reduced design costs. The cost ofpurchasing and replacement cost of the equipment is expensive compared toequipment used to draw manually. Technology is invented to make peoples life easier, save time. Auto cadis unimaginable faster than manual drawing. When manual drawing take severalhours of drawing something, but with cad it can be done in few mouse clicks.With manual drawing all the objects drawn the size must be correct andalignment.

Even a small mistake can be catastrophic to the project .with cadthere is a lots of technique available to improve your accuracy in the project.All drawing tools are electronic.

Absolute accuracy can bemaintained. The computer keeps a record of all dimensions in the drawing.Editing processes include the ability to copy, move, rotate, mirror and erasedrawing parts. Drawing storage is on a hard drive, memory stick, CD, DVD orfloppy disk rather than in a drawing folio. Hard copies can be produced incolour and to a high professional standard. The drawings can be reproduced asoften and as quickly as you want.

Even though CAD very helpful still it has some disadvantagessuch as some shapes that are difficult to draw using CAD software. Preferablythe computer equipment should be in a climate controlled, dust-proofenvironment.      With manual drafting, you can separate information onto individualtransparent overlays.

For example, a building plan might contain separateoverlays for its structural, electrical, andplumbing components.With CAD, layers are equivalent to transparent overlays. As withoverlays, you can display, edit, and print layers separately or in combination.

You can name layers to help track content, and lock layers so they can’tbe altered. Assigning settings such as colour, line type, or line weight tolayers helps you comply with industry standards. You can also use layers toorganize drawing objects for plotting. Assigning a plot style to a layer makesall the objects drawn on that layer plot in a similar manner.

  Speed and Time – Technologies are invented to make our work easier,save our time and to complete the work faster. AutoCAD is significantly fasterthan the traditional method of manual drafting. It speeds up the task ofpreparing bill of materials, reports, scaling etc. The tedious task of drawingeach line on paper can be done in few mouse clicks. As CAD software eliminatesrepetitive iterations, a substantial amount of time is saved.

In AutoCAD, datadescribing a component or its family is associative in nature and hencerevisions are automatically made to all places the data is used.Accuracy – In manual drafting, all the objects drawnmust be of correct size and alignment. Each object need to be manually verifiedand dimensioned as the slightest error can be catastrophic to the entireproject. With CAD, there are numerous techniques available to obtain exactdimensions thus leading to improved accuracy in the project.

Owing to the numerous benefits interms of speed, accuracy, data storage, revision CAD offers over manualdrafting, it has become a standard for the AEC industries. Data storing andAccessibility – One of the advantages of CAD drafting is thatthe drawings need not be filed and stored in folder unlike in manual drafting.CAD drafting can be easily saved on the computer server and can be accessedfrom anywhere with internet connection. The chance of losing the documents ishigher in manual drafting. As CAD drawings can be saved electronically without the use ofpaper, it is also an environment friendly method.How CAD saves time 1. cntrl+1 :This command brings up your object properties box.

Depending on how you haveyour workspace setup this one can be an important staple or only somewhatuseful.2. cntrl+shift+c :This brings up the copy with base point command.

I personally use this shortcutall the time, especially useful when used to copy spatially referenced linework into another drawing. By using 0,0 as a base point and then again as theinsertion point your linework will be inserted in the same location spatiallyin the new drawing.3. pedit :Brings up polyline edit command. Edit, create, and modify polyline propertieseasily in the command line.

4. i :Simply brings up the insert window. Use this command to save time insertingblocks in your drawing. If inserting dynamic or attribute based blocks simplyrepeat to insert again and again.5. zenter e enter : This one I guess is technically 2 combined. But it canbe entered so quickly and easily it almost becomes a second nature. Z brings upthe zoom command and E stands for extents.

Pressing z enter e enter quicklyzooms your drawing to show the extents of your entire drawing. Very useful forfinding lost and runaway line work that may be hiding, as well as getting a fullview of your project. The Time FactorThe greatest advantage of CAD drafting over hand drafting isthe reduction in design time, which leads to reduced design costs. The draftingmust create accurate drawings, and any error can have catastrophic results.Drafters need more time for the desired results with hand drafting, as eachline has to be accurately measured and drawn.

CAD software ensures total accuracy of measurementwith a few simple commands, thus saving time. CAD enables storing of earlierdesign templates in the computer so the design process need not bestarted from scratch for each new project. Existing templates can be customizedto fit requirements of the new project, reducing the design time.  Writing areport explaining how linking CAD to other software and hardware has created animpact on you organisation in terms of improving production reducing wastersand lead times.This is a completely functioning style program,with each second and 3D layouts and choice and drawingtools to govern objects in each environments. That’sat the foremost basic; the program has command-line practicality and careful controls foreach object you may produce.

It’s powerful stuff, however it’s additionally costly,with a worth of nearly $4,000 per license for the 2013 edition ofthe software package.SketchupLike most of Google’s software package, Sketchup is free for a basicversion and comes with a pay professional version ($495, as of August2013). Sketchup’s interface is analogous to autocad’s and plentyof of its commands area unit identical, in keeping with JeremyCook at JCO professional. Cook tested Sketchup as an on the spotcomparisonto autocad (as associate degree toughened autocad user) andlocated Sketchup to be corresponding to autocad in its basicfunctions, like manipulating and making shapes and rendering in 3D.Sketchup uses Google’s search powers to grab existing objects from aninternet cache, providing users with predefined shapes to incorporatein their styles.Google Sketchup hooks up to 3D Warehouse that contains a seriously large assortmentor pre-designed models of all shapes and sizes.

 Many thousands ofthem. Whereas autocad usually ships with around four,000pre designed model templates – and users will simply access acouple of thousand a lot of on one among the numerous ApplicationWhat your little business wants in terms of its CAD softwarepackage depends on several variables. If your employees areaunit all totally trained in CAD software package, autocad canbe the most effective work, since your workers are going tobe ready to get the foremost out of its advancedfunctions to make the most effective work. Sketchup may suitoffices that do simpler comes. For instance, Jeremy Cooksuggests that Sketchup suits interior style company’s dead,since models area unit less complicated.11/01/18            Title of page: azcentral.    REFERENCE Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)is the use of software to control machine tools and relatedones in the manufacturing of work pieces.

But it is the most common; CAM may also refer to the use of a computer toassist in all operations of a manufacturing plant, including planning,management, transportation and storage. Its primary purpose is to create afaster production process and components and tooling with more precisedimensions and material consistency, which in some cases, uses only therequired amount of raw material (thus minimizing waste), while simultaneouslyreducing energy consumption.  Inorder to generate the actual model, CAM works alongside CAD—using CAD designs,CAM uses numerical coding to run the machine that creates the product. ACAD/CAM package allows companies to develop and save their own product designs,and program machines to create the actual component. Benefitsof CAMCAM systems can maximize utilization of a full range ofproduction equipment, including high speed, 5-axis, multi-function and turningmachines, electrical discharge machining (EDM) and CMM inspection equipment.CAM systems can aid in creating, verifying, and optimizingNC programs for optimum machining productivity, as well as automate thecreation of shop documentation.

 @The managerbased on your report given in part  a)decided to go for CAD  in byanalysing  company and has asked youprepare an additional report  to justifythe use of cad  by analysing  factors such as disadvantage cost and trainingrequirements related to the cad .AutoCAD computercode desires the time of implementing the system,It desires time of coaching the individuals touse it, so, it’s terribly costly in coaching AutoCAD computer code isn’t sucha lot suited to 3D because it has fewer choices,It cannot be utilizedin the complicated styles, the big quantity ofmemory and speed is neededCAD computercode usually consumes massive amountsof laptop process power. Thisneeds high-quality component which will be expensive.

CAM needs advanced producing devices that alsoare terribly costly. The price of hardware could bea vital disadvantage of CAD. CAM and significant barrierto the broader uptake of CAD.

, It needs theadvanced producing devices that areaunit terribly costly, it’s hard for first-timeusers to find out the computer code, additionally to theprice of coaching personnelAs CAD computer code advances, itbecomes a lot of versatile and elastic. However, this comesat the price of creating the computer code a lotof complicated. This quality makes it harder forfirst-time users to find out the computer code.

Combinedwith the price of coaching personnel in CAD.11/01/18               Title of page: Online science  REFERENCE  

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