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 Your home will occasionally ask you for random repairs, unfortunately, it’s a reality we cannot escape. Yet not every household blunder calls for an industry expert.With some do-it-yourself determination and Mr. Odd Job’s tips, you can fix these little hiccups before they turn into costly mayhems. 1. Mold Specks On The WallsPrepare a bowl containing equal parts of bleach and hot water. Clean the area and wait for it to dry. Once dry, you can repaint the affected area. Use mildew-resistant pain to prevent further growth. 2. Leaky Washing MachineNo, you don’t need to replace your washing entire washing machine! People frequently panic when their machine machines leak, thinking the entire thing has malfunctioned. However, there is a very simple and cost-effective fix for this.First, turn off the water supply. The next step is to examine the hoses at the back of the washing machine. The leak is commonly caused by a cut in one of them.If that’s the case, a quick run to your local hardware store to purchase a new hose will do the trick. The hoses range between 20 – 30 AED. You can actually order some on: (Search for washing machine outlet hose/washing machine inlet house – dependent on which you need)To connect it, remove the faulty hose then screw in the new one. Make sure to tighten it with a wrench. Easy! 3. Continuously Running toiletThere are two things that could have gone wrong. In order to properly inspect the situation, you need to remove the lid of the water tank at the back.Scenario 1: Water is flowing into the vertical tube.To fix this, you must reduce the water level in the tank.Scenario 2: Sprinkle some dye (i.e. food coloring) into the tank and wait for 30 minutes. A shift in the color of the water in toilet indicates the rubber plug at the bottom of the tank is leaking and needs to be replaced. You can easily purchase a new one at a local hardware store (Speedex or Ace). Just ask for a new “toilet flapper”.Next, turn off the water supply, replace the plug, voilà! For any stubborn cases, give us a call and Mr. Odd Job’s experts will be on their way!

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