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You might know of civil right fighters but do you know a civil right fighter who fought with hismighty words and used his strong voice to overcome others? Well if you don’t you are in luckhis name was Martin Luther King, Jr. he was born in his grandparents’ home on Auburn Avenuein Atlanta, Georgia.They named their child after his dad, and Martin luther King was like hisfather he was as kind hearted as his father and his father also believed that it wasn’t right forothers to not have equal rights that’s why Martin Luther King became what people now knowhim for: a public speaker who used his strong words to fight for his and others rights so all willhave equal rights. To make that happen he used strong words like ‘hold fast to your dreamsbecause you know and should know they are worth something special”. He also used to say,”Ihave a dream” and he also said “darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that hatecannot drive out hate; only love can do that”. There are so many sayings but the one I reallylike is this one, to hear it listen, it says ” if you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if youcan’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward”.

I like this quotebecause it’s telling you that there’s always a mountain and you will always climb that mountaintill you get to the top of that mountain and feel like a champion a winner that won their victorytheir freedom their leadership that leads us to the top of our mountain that makes us feel like usand somebody who made us feel free had to be Martin Luther King. He was our king and agood king a very good king that was respectful to us and was doing his job and he was doing itright he was doing what he had to do and I will always remember the way he used his voiceusing his mighty words and guess what in my school on the wall it says “let us pick up ournotebooks and pencils because they are our only weapons” and i feel like right now it is aperfect time to change that to this”let us rehearse our voice and pickup our microphone becausethey are our only weapons”our voice shows how we feel and how our personality is and I thinkwhat Martin Luther King did was very important He was very brave and dedicated to what hewanted to achieve and he was very determined and he knew if he didn’t stop trying thingswouldn’t have worked out for him that’s why he kept on trying until he got it right because life isall about making mistakes and learning from them. So that’s exactly what Martin Luther King Jr.did . He showed that if you keep on trying without giving up and without believing that you cando anything you will be able to accomplish anything that comes through you and your waybecause you are unstoppable no one can stop you, you are the greatest the strongest thesmartest because you know that mighty words prove that fighting isn’t the solution.Martin LutherKing proved that because he used his mighty words and didn’t fight and that shows that peopleshouldn’t fight they should use their strong voices and mighty words to fight for their rights andthat’s important that’s what Martin Luther King did and I respect him for what he did the thingshe did to reunite all of us because we are all supposed to stick together like a good communitythat respects each other and others that shows equal rights to others and that’s what MartinLuther King did he respected our rights like the truthful king that he was and he will always be.He will always be a faithful king that we will always respect and remember and that’s why I willalways remember the name MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.

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