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Yes, prior to my start of work I have received an orientation about what must I perform, what characteristics should I suite when engage in a work environment, what time I should report inside the establishment, what are the policies of the business, what are the uses of such supplies,  who are the person’s in authority, who are the person’s that might help me for my task, where could I locate the supplies that I could use or will help me on my task, where is my work place, where should I go if I need  such thing or what department or team do I belong to in charge for certain situations and other thing’s I should be knowledgeable about concerning the business establishment. When it regards to my concerns and questions on my training job I arcadianly inquire the authority in charge in me or other person that could be knowledgeable enough to answer my inquiry and respectfully show my gratitude by saying “thank you” every time. And I consider my strongest area of performance is I positively accept objective criticism from my administrator and other people with regard to my performance and also my character. For me getting those criticism would enable me to improve myself and my performance in accomplishing task. And it would also allow me to be knowledgeable on my weakness and flaws that I could enhance my skills and became a better person. The situation that challenged me most is when I was going home because my workplace was located at MERALCO Ave. so it was hard for me to get a ride during rush hour and late at night. That was the time they are having a rush work and have deadlines, the situation decided myself to stay because I know that they need my help to finish the works as soon as possible.I’m concerned about being united as a team that’s why I choose to stay even though it would be hard for me to go home but after the hard work it was very fulfillment for me being part of their hard times, they say that I’m a big help to the group, that makes me feel happy and it is an advantage on my part being credited to my time to finish my On the Job Training times. This challenged me doing my work efficiently with no repetition or back works.Yes I could consider my training situation as qualified to be one of my college linkages for the application of the knowledge I attained within the school. Because it helped me to enrich the knowledge I attained within the school and also it helped me to develop my character as a person and develop on how I would engage or deal with different situations that could be good or bad situation within the work environment and also to different aspects of life. It also opened up my mind for a new perspective on different characters of human that I could engage outside the school and different outlook of humans that could be positive or negative in life that I might engage in the future. It imparted me experiences and knowledge that I would carry with me for the challenges that would come in the future.

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