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world. Graduates are no longer
competing among themselves; the market is currently in a state of supply has
far exceeded the demand.

In order to solve the issue regarding
unemployment in youths, some solution need to carried out among the youths. In
fact, new entries to the job market are expected to not only possess hard
skills, but also to complement with soft skills. Young graduates should improve
some of their soft skills to get employed. First of all, youths should improve
their communication and interpersonal skills. Youngsters nowadays should be
able to convey their thoughts with clarity and confidence in both written and
oral forms. This is one of the essential skill acquired by the employers because
employees are able to build strong teamwork with colleagues, upper management
and subordinates through effective communication.

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Another soft skill that is believed
to be vital to get employed is the ability to be a team player. Young graduates
who demonstrate an aptitude to work in teams are highly regarded by employers.
They are expected to be cooperatively working in team and exhibit healthy
qualities. Being a team player is very important as employees should resize the
opportunity to mediate in any dispute within the team or lead their teams to
progress to the next level. So, youths who wish to get a job should practice to
be good team players.

Moreover, youths that are seeking for
a job should have problem-solving skills. Most of the employers will look for
this skills in their employees as problems can crop up in any job situation. It
is important that the employees are able to think critically and analyse the
situation thoroughly and come out with suitable and effective solutions to the
problems. Employers always look for employees who use their own initiative in
accomplishing tasks and resolving issues rather than just wait for information
and instructions all the time. Thus, youths should learn problem-solving skills
and always try to think out of the box to solve all the problems in any

Last but not least, youths should to
be adaptable to new working situations in order to get employed. Employers are
looking for employees who are flexible about the changes that take place in their
working organisation. Young graduates have to be able to adapt to new
situations and challenges faced in their workspace. They should also be open to
new ideas and ready to accept new strategic suggested by other colleagues. For
example, employers expect employees to be able to embrace any changes in the
working plan and in team members. It is important for the youths to have
adaptive skills to be employed by the employers.

In my point of view, I think that it
is not true that there are no jobs for the young graduates in their specialist,
but the reason why they are jobless after their graduation is because of their
attitudes. Youths nowadays are not mature enough that they always ask for high
salary thinking that they got their professional certificates in the career and
the professional certificates is all that matters. In fact, having professional
hard skills are important but ones should have plenty of soft skills in order
to get employed by the employers. Besides, youths give up easily when they
failed in some interviews for jobs. Unemployment correlated positively with
changes in nervous complaints and depressive symptoms, even after controlling
for initial psychological health and background factors. (Hammarstrom and Janlert,
1997). They are psychologically afraid to look for new jobs when they get
rejected by some employers. Although unemployment is the most significant
influence on the levels of psychological distress of young adults (Hannan et al.,
1997), it is unnecessary for them to be sad as there are always chances for
them to get employed. Youths should always be positive-thinking and be hopeful
about work and everything in life as they are still young and there are still
many chances in their future. In conclusion, the reason why youths are not
employed is because of their poor communication skills, poor characteristics,
lacking of critical-thinking skills and lacking of experiences yet ask for
unrealistic pay. To solve the problem of jobless in youths, they should be
mature and positive in their thinking, practice some soft skills such as
communication and interpersonal skills, teamworking skills, problem-solving
skills and adaptive skills.  

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