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Workers Today vs. Workers from the 1900’sImmigration has changed a lot over the past few decades. It is now easier for either immigrants today or second generation immigrants to come to America. In The Jungle the family struggled in their voyage to America; they were robbed, threatened, and abused by the police and other immigrants. When they reached America they found it really hard to get jobs. Jobs were hard to get because of the amount of people there was in America at the time. Every day, people would line up and would be selected by the owners of the meat packing companies to see whether or not that person was fit for the job. The owners would look for specific features in their workers. These features included age and physical ability. Unlike many CEO’s today who look for more than an applicant’s age and physical features. They looked at how prepared their applicants were, the way they dress, their education, and how well they could present themselves during the interview process. We see that immigrant workers from the 1900’s were less taken care of by the companies they work for than today’s immigrants.In the 1900’s when immigrants were coming to America many of them were taken advantage of. In The Jungle it is stated that:They had a hard time on the passage; there was an agent who helped them, but he proved a scoundrel, and got them into a trap with some officials, and cost them a good deal of their precious money, which they clung to with such horrible fear. This happened to them again in New York–for, of course, they knew nothing about the country, and had no one to tell them, and it was easy for a man in a blue uniform to lead them away, and to take them to a hotel and keep them there, and make them pay enormous charges to get away. (Sinclair 13)The reader can interpret that the family in the book had a very hard time coming to America because of how many people cheated them and stole their money. When immigrants were coming to America many of them had very little money and did not the hardships. They thought coming to America would be really easy. Even when these immigrants were scammed they were not able to do anything about it because in this time period major cities such as Chicago and New York lived in corruption and it was integral part of life. When immigrants were able to reach their destination many found themselves impoverished. According to “Many newly-arrived immigrants found themselves at the mercy of corrupt political forces like those running Boss Tweed’s Tammany Hall in New York City. Political Machines such as these used the votes of newly arrived immigrants to dominate and corrupt the political process in many of America’s growing cities” (“The Era…”).  The reader can interpret that immigrants were taken advantage of because many immigrants did not know how to vote so police officers and others involved in politics either bribed them or forced them to vote for certain people. Jurgis, the protagonist in The Jungle, was bribed to vote because the owner of the factory gave him half the day off and money. Police officers would “teach” the immigrants how to vote by circling the name on the ballot and telling the immigrants to copy what they did. The majority of the time these people running for office were corrupt and would want to keep their city corrupted. This would affect the workers because it would result in lower wages or longer work hours in terrible conditions. We see that immigrants in the 1900’s were taken advantage of because they did not know about many things and were new to the country.More recently, a second generation of immigrants is now able to come to America without experiencing what their family members experienced during the 1900’s. In this article it states that “Japanese company leaders are telling their employees to learn as much English as possible. As the Japanese economy is slowly declining, managers think that learning English is the only possible way to communicate with the world. Rakuten, Inc., a Japanese Internet company, has started a project in which it requires all of its employees to learn English up to a certain level.” (Japanese Mangers).The reader can interpret that many foreign companies want to make their workers learn English because English has become one of the main languages for business and trading. This company is helping their workers by giving them free classes to learn English. This would benefit the workers because if they decide to come to America they would then be able to communicate and read signs rather than someone who comes to America not knowing English and is going to struggle with reading signs or communicating with other people. Companies want to help their workers by having them learn English so that they can have a better life for themselves. Workers coming to America today are given welfare. According to USA TODAY it states that “About 51% of immigrant-led households receive at least one kind of welfare benefit, including Medicaid, food stamps, school lunches and housing assistance, compared to 30% for native-led households…”(Gomez). The reader can see that even though this percent is really high the government wants to help workers. The government will help their workers by providing them with food stamps or give their kids free lunches. Food stamps are a voucher issued by the government to those on low income. The government does not want to see people go hungry, especially their kids. Kids living in low income families are able to receive free lunches from their school or do not have to pay certain fees for the school. Also, the government does not want to see kids getting involved in dangerous things like gangs. Some might join gangs because they want to make money or they do not want to see their parents in these hard times. Unlike in The Jungle when Jurgis and the family do not have jobs they are not given any help. The kids are forced to drop out of school and try to find jobs. Many of the kids learn bad habits in the city. This generation can now get aid from the government through welfare. Immigrants now are able to vote based on their thoughts and freedom rather than be forced to vote for a certain person. According to Latin post “Trump’s anti-immigrant and racist rhetoric has inspired many of the 8.8 million legal residents to become naturalized citizens, about 2.7 million of whom are Mexicans” (Hill). The reader can now see that immigrants are now standing for what they believe in. Unlike before how immigrants were taken advantage of by companies making their workers vote for a certain person, but now immigrant workers have freedom of speech. Immigrants can now express themselves based on their religion and sexuality, etc. For freedom of speech immigrants can now say whatever they want to say because they have rights. The passage talks about how Trump is against immigration and is racist to immigrants even though his wife is an immigrant which makes him a hypocrite. Now a day’s immigrant are no longer afraid to stand up for what they believe in and are willing to fight for what they believe in no matter what.First generation immigrants from the 1900’s have also experienced difficulties in getting and keeping their jobs because of competition and working conditions. For example in The Jungle it states that:If he were working in a line of men, the line always moved too slowly for him, and you could pick him out by his impatience and restlessness. That was why he had been picked out on one important occasion; for Jurgis had stood outside of Brown and Company’s “Central Time Station” not more than half an hour, the second day of his arrival in Chicago, before he had been beckoned by one of the bosses. (Sinclair 13). The author shows the reader that the reason Jurgis was picked from all the other men standing behind the company was because he shows the most energy out of all of them and he was not lazy. Many people would call this survival of the fittest. This is an example of survival of the fittest because Jurgis is a young strong man who can do more work than an old person such as Dede Antanas because Dede is very weak and these companies want fast workers so that they can make more money. If they had old workers then these workers would get very tired and would constantly take breaks causing the company to lose money. In the book it also states that “He needed more than the permission of the doctor, however, for when he showed up on the killing floor of Brown’s, he was told by the foreman that it had not been possible to keep his job for him. Jurgis knew that this meant simply that the foreman had found someone else to do the work as well and did not want to bother to make a change” (Sinclair 13). The reader understands that since Jurgis hurt his ankle while working in the killing beds and was unable to walk he was forced to rest at home. When he came back, the company had already replaced him. During the 1900’s jobs were in a big demand so if a worker got injured and was unable to perform his task he was laid off and the companies would find another worker to do it cheaper. Companies did this because they knew everyone was replaceable and that many immigrant workers were always willing to do it for less because they needed a job and to make a living for their family. Also in The Jungle it states that “Sometimes Jurgis would be working until late at night, and then it was pitiful, for there was no place for the little fellow to wait, save in the doorways or in a corner of the killing beds, and he would all but fall asleep there, and freeze to death” (Sinclair 43). The author shows the reader that because of things out of the worker’s control, such as the weather, even the strong became weak. In the book the factories do not have heat so workers are forced to keep themselves moving so that they don’t freeze. The reason the factories do this is because the faster the workers work the more money the owners can make and the faster production becomes. Working conditions also had an effect on the strongest become the weakest because the more work load or injuries they got the weaker they would become and once they got weak the owners would laid them off and get younger workers. We now see that first generation immigrants had experienced much more hardship in getting and keeping their jobs because of competition and working conditions.Thanks to the advancements of modern day, workers are able to get more freedom in their jobs than before. According to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission is states that “Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system of benefits paid by employers to workers who experience work-related injuries or diseases.”  If workers are hurt on the job then they don’t have to worry about things such as getting fired, payment, and etc. Because of Workers’ compensation, companies are now responsible to provide a leave of absence for them which includes leave with pay and full expense on doctor bills. Unlike for Jurgis he was forced to take many days off without pay which caused him to stress about taking care of the family. Women who have babies also have the same thing but for them it’s called maternity leave. Maternity leave allows women to leave their jobs for twelve weeks unpaid in order to take care of the baby. This can depend on your company and state laws. This shows that companies now have to provide their workers with the necessary care they need unlike Ona when she had her baby she was forced to go right back to the work with no benefits. Today many workers are now able to work on their own time because companies allow their workers to work from home. According to this website the main reasons why people choose to work from home is because·         Parents who say they want to spend more time with their children·         Trailing military spouses who, according to Durst, by virtue of their spouse’s career need to pick up and move every few years·         Retirees needing supplemental income·         People with disabilities (Ezarik)The reader can see that many workers will work from home because of all the responsibility they have at home such as taking care of the kids or cooking and cleaning. Other may prefer to work from home because they are not comfortable around other workers. Many IT companies allow their workers to work from home because IT engineers do most of their work on the computer and don’t need an office. This is better for workers who are out of town and don’t want to use their vacation days because they can have fun during the day and work at night. So, because of the advancement of modern day workers can have more freedom in their jobs than before.Companies now are taking care of their workers by providing them with necessary things in order to survive and make a living during and job work. According to the Wall Street Journal it states that “Addepar, a wealth-management software company, in 2012 began offering workers $300 a month to live within one mile of its West Coast office or within 15 minutes of the firm’s Manhattan outpost. Facebook, meanwhile, is known for giving employees several thousand dollars to move within 10 miles of its Menlo Park., Calif., corporate campus” (Feintzeig). This quote shows the reader that companies want their employees to move closer to the office and are willing to give money to them in order to help them find in either houses or apartment closer to job especially in New York and California. Many workers don’t like the fact that they have to drive long distances because they have to wake up early, they might get caught in traffic and get late for job. Unlike for Jurgis and the family they had to walk miles to their jobs. They would leave early morning and wouldn’t get home until late night. Sometimes they would be late and because of that the owner of the company would dock their pay for every hour they were late. Workers in the 1900’s were given housing for a rent price but the owners would keep increasing the rent causing the workers to be evicted. In the history packet it states that “That same year, railroad tycoons, like George Pullman, began to cut the wages of their workers. To add insult to injury, Pullman would raise the rent and cost of living for his workers who lived in company owned housing. This led to the famous Pullman Strike of 1894, which quickly spread across the western half of the United States” (Grisanzio). This shows how unfair George Pullman was to his workers because he would cut their wages and increase house rent. He was able to do this because the owned all the houses. Same thing happened to Jurgis and the family in The Jungle because when they “bought” the house the lease stated that each month the rent would increase and they had to pay for the house to get furnished. One of the reasons they bought the house was because it was somewhat closer to the jobs. If they were unable to pay then they would be evicted and be forced to more somewhere else. If they were forced to move somewhere else it might have been even farther for them. Companies now are help their workers live closer which is more convenient for them and they are helping them by providing tuition to continue their education. According to the UPS website, “In 2010, the company gave “$24 million in tuition support to approximately 14,000 students.” Not too shabby. Tuition reimbursement is available even for part-timers.” This shows that UPS cares about their workers and that they want to help the workers with their educations as much as possible. Companies like UPS want to see their workers achieve their goals and want to help them. For example the show Under Cover Boss is about how the CEO of a company talks to the employees about their life and try’s to help them because the CEO sees how they work and he or she wants to make their life happier. In The Jungle the company owners don’t care about the workers education. They only care about how much money they make. Modern day companies are helping their workers continue their education and are providing them with insurance. According to Washington post it states that “More businesses are upping their spending on benefits such as one-time bonuses, health care and paid time off, according to recent survey data. Many are rolling out perks such as free gym membership, commuting subsidies, even pet health insurance” (Mui). The reader can relate that companies are now trying to come up with new ways to help their workers instead of giving them bonuses. One of those things is health insurance. Health insurance is very important today and it can help millions of people pay for operations or even basic checkups. Unlike in the 1900’s companies did not offer health insurance which caused many families not to get help. This happens to Jurgis and Ona because when they are having their second child Ona and Jurgis are unable to pay the medical bills and because of this Ona and the baby die. If they had health insurance then it would help cover the cost of the medical bills and maybe Ona and the baby could have survived. Many people today don’t have health insurance and this can cause a lot of stress because if an operation costs ten thousand dollars you have to pay out of pocket or they will not do the operation. Companies today provide their workers with basic things such as health insurance.In conclusion, immigration has changed a lot over the past few decades because of how companies today have helped their workers. In The Jungle the workers were misused and were helped in no way. This caused these immigrants to experience many tragedies which led their American dream to crumble. When the American dream crumbled for these immigrants, it led them into a dark state because the workers gave up hope and lost interest in everything. We see that today workers are no longer misused and they are able to live the American dream because of the help of their companies and the government.

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