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January 2018




of view in writing refers to the perspective of the writer. It allows readers
to see whatever a narrator or writer feels and experiences in mind from their
perspective. This helps us in understanding the desires and motives of the
characters and empathizes with them. Point of view and the use of different
narrators can influence how a reader experiences a given story. Writers can
narrate a story in three different ways: first person, second person and third

            In Ishmael reed’s flight to Canada,
his point of view lies in his perception on how the black Americans are being
oppressed because of their culture which is conflicting to the whites’. He uses
writing in the form of poetry to do this. The blacks are being criticized and
enslaved merely because of their race. The writer gives us insight of the
struggle between the black Americans and the western civilization. The writer uses
a character Quickskill who writes a poem, “flight to Canada” to help his escape
from white slavery. His intention in writing is to free himself from slavery
and to sensitize fellow slaves on their rights and how much they are being

than writing Reed also uses history and narrates how Lincoln was assassinated
and tries to highlight on the relationship between history and writing. He uses
his character Quickskill to tell a sort of autobiography of his experiences as
a writer. He blends the novel with fantasy and adventure and crazy events to
help the reader understand the struggles within the civil rights and the story
of slavery. The interplay between history and writing aims to strengthen  the cultural expression and narrative Flight
To Canada. Reed shows his love for writing and history combined in Raven
Quickskill’s poem,( pg 123-124).



which is an attempt to
represent a given subject matter truthfully, while avoiding artistic and
supernatural elements has been used by the author in the book. He has brought
out the torture that afro- Americans were undergoing through while they were in
slavery. He vividly lets the reader understand the cultural differences that
existed between the black Americans and the white people.

 In relation to Reed’s literature, King(2008)
also states that Stories shape who we are and how we interact and socialize
with people. ‘From creation stories to personal experiences, historical
anecdotes to social injustices, racist propaganda to works of contemporary
Native literature”, King probes Native culture’s deep ties to storytelling.

conclusion Ishmael Reed’s flight to Canada is a cultural dissection of the
struggle between the black race and the white race. It pulls a strong narrative
by using adept writing with a bit of historical fiction. However, it is not a
historically accurate autobiography as much as it is a cultural dissection. The
novel works as both a satiric interpretation and a historical remark of the
importance of history and writing.

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