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Work-Related Stress


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an organization, work-related stress is one
of the main factors that plays a significant
role in the high and low-level performances of an employee. The two
important contingency factors in the work-related stress are the work-life
imbalance due to lack of organizational leadership, and poor coordination or communication
among the organizational department.

These two factors have a strong relationship between the job stress and
performance. (Cong, et al., 2013). Through different researchers and surveys,
it has been found that the performance of any worker in the organization or
company is directly proportional to the tension-free
environment. It is quite obvious that performance of an employee depends upon
the friendly organizational culture and workplace settings. However, employee performance
would be negative due to the presence of
stress in the organizational environment. Nowadays, stress is one of the
emerging issues that are faced by the majority
of the population ( G. M. & Andrew Paul , 2008). 

Contingency Factors


are two contingency factors that offer the relationship between the job stress
and job performance. Both of these factors fall under the category of
environmental contingency factors. The first factor is lack of organizational leadership
in providing equity in terms of work-related
performance among all the employees.  This factor usually leads to the work-life imbalance
among the employees that causes work-related stress. That is why the
performance of an employee is greatly dependent on the flexibility level of the
leadership in an organization. For example, a CEO in an organization has to
influence its executives, managers or employees working at every level of the
organization, which means one has to be a perfect role model for others to
follow. The decision-making and treatment of a leader with all the employees should
be fair. If a great leadership in the organization doesn’t exist, then it can
create an atmosphere of demotivation and stress in the working place. As stated by
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed (2015), “A true leader is one who creates a
favourable environment to bring out the energy and ability of his team. A great
leader creates more great leaders, and does not reduce the institution to a
single person.” The
other factor for the stress is the lack of coordination among the different
departments. Lack of coordination and proper basic understanding of each
other’s work causes stress for employees that can affect their work performance.


ü  Stress at the workplace is due to the
work-life balance among the employees which is caused by lack of proper
management, communication, and
organizational leadership 

ü  Organizational culture, workplace environment,
and organizational behavior are the
important elements in controlling the stress level among the employees

ü  There are a lot of symptoms of stress
that affect employees both physically and mentally

ü  If the stress is removed from the workplace, it can prove very beneficial for
both the employee and the organization, as it allows the employees to work at
their full potential, which will eventually increase
the rate of productivity at the workplace

            Work-related stress is one of the most
significant problems in the workplace and organizational culture. It does not
only affect the health of the employees, but greatly reduces the output of the
organization. This insecurity produces a hurdle for employees in the workplace,
which can reduce their productivity and
creativity to a great extent. Organizations usually lack in providing proper
training to its employees regarding work-life balance. Also, there should be no
imbalance in the treatment of the employees. It causes the stress and feelings
of hate towards other employees ( NP, et al., 2007). People working at higher positions
should give enough confidence to their juniors so that they could discuss their
issues and problems with ease. If this friendly environment is established in
an organization, it can reduce the stress of the workers. According to a survey
conducted by the national health and safety commission, work-related stress causes the highest ratio of absentees in the workplace. Presence of stress in the working
environment is considered to be caused by the lack of the proper management ( JA, et al., 2004). When the management is not
providing the safe and secure working environment, it can also cause stress to
the employees.  It is a natural fact that
nobody can work in an environment without proper safety. It causes the
psychological retardation of the workers and employees. 

are some critical stressors in the workplace setting or in the organizational
culture that also need to be addressed. Many organizations
demand more than the employees’ natural capacity. It causes stress and raises
the level of tension among the employees. They start to consider their work as
a burden instead of their duty (Sidle, 2008).

They could not work at their full potential and eventually lose their
commitment. If the employees are not overburdened,
they could give their best performance and increase the output of the
organization. Another main stressor at the workplace for the employees is the
relationship among the employees, or the relationships of the employees with
their seniors. This issue affects the morality of
the employees in a great manner. If one employee
is favored or provided with more
compensation than the rest, then it can cause the ill effects on the other
employees. If this condition persists for a long
time, it creates the stress for the other employees. This source of stress can
reduce their activity to a great extent, which leads to a dip on the productivity rate. Another main stressor
for the employees is the lack of support in the organization. Employees do not
get enough support and encouragement from their managers, subordinates or
immediate supervisors ( Peneny & Spector , 2005). Appreciation,
and giving positive feedback is necessary for increasing motivation in the
organizational culture. If not, employees would lack in both psychological and
physical performance, which causes more
stress in the working environment.

to a research, it has been investigated that
more than 40% overall performance of an organization is affected by stress. If
there is a significant amount of stress in the workplace, then it would surely
influence the employees and will reduce their performance. That would result in
employees who cannot give their full attention and devotion to their work (Sidle, 2008).

They mentally deviate from their actual
goal or target. If this issue persists, it could badly affect the overall performance
of the organization and can face decline in their overall performance. In
simple terms, an employee who is not
relaxed both mentally and physically, is one suffering from the condition of
organizational stress ( NP, et al., 2007). Stress in the organizational or
workplace environment affects many things simultaneously. The presence of the stress does not only affect
employees emotionally, but affects the employees physically as well. One of the
main symptoms is fatigue/tiredness ( NP, et al., 2007). The employee facing this
condition of fatigue usually remains inactive
at the workplace. Another symptom would be headaches,
which is one of the biggest symptoms of stress or any kind of tension at the workplace. One big cause of stress is sleeping
disorders, which is also known as insomnia. It happens due to a hormonal disturbance
due to tension. A person who cannot sleep properly, obviously could not work
with the full devotion. Among the psychological symptoms,
depression is one of the biggest symptoms of stress. A person who is facing a stressful environment in the workplace for a long time is usually in a state
of depression. Another symptom is the feeling of losing; an employee feels that he could not do anything in the
proper way ( JA, et al., 2004). These symptoms lead to absentees,
aggression, lack of creativity etc. It is clear that a person with these
symptoms could never give the satisfactory performance.

performance of the employees who have to face stress at the workplace is always less in comparison to those
who do not face any stress at their workplace.

As it has been described earlier that stress at the workplace is a very sensitive issue and needs to addressed with
proper care. It poses a deep and the unbeatable effect on the output of the
organization. On an individual basis, it greatly influences the individual performance of the employees and the
workers of the organization ( G. M. & Andrew Paul , 2008). It also
decreases the satisfaction of the employees. Due to the ill effects of stress,
strategies are being made to reduce stress at the workplace. There are a lot of
benefits of removing stress from the workplace.

One of the main benefits of preventing stress at the workplace is reducing the
symptoms of stress, which will eventually lower the rate of physical effects among
the employees. It will make the employees physically fit to work, and also made
them mentally relaxed and satisfied. Moving stress out of the workplace will also increase staff performance (Cong, et al., 2013). The employees become more concentrated
as they are more committed towards their work. Furthermore, the absentee issue will
also reduce to a big extent. Workers are more attentive at the workplace and put more effort with full
devotion. This increases the productivity curve of the employees that proves to
be a healthy sign for both the employee and employer.



conclusion, it is clear that stress is one of the most common issue that is
being faced by employees at their workplace.

It does not only reduce the job performance of the employees but greatly
affects the output and rate of productivity
of the whole organization as well. In order to manage the work-life balance,
there is a need for a strong communication
among different departments or within a department. Also, organizational
leadership and proper management will help get rid of stress at the workplace. This will not only make the
employees more satisfied with their jobs,
but will increase the productivity of the organization. 

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