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Without exaggeration, I think that the understanding of the need for gender
balance in the society has found its place among the significant achievements
of civilization. The struggle for gender equality, against discrimination on
grounds of sex, for the improvement of the status of discriminated parts of
society, in particular women, gained wide support of the world community. The realm
on which this struggle has achieved most extensive scale of controversies is
political sphere. The fundamental question appears- “Does a woman have to
engage in politics?” The answer is undoubtedly yes, even internationally
accepted documents approve this ides in legislatively authorized manner. Giving
an example, Adopted by the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of
Discrimination against Women and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms
of Discrimination against Women associate equality of both sexes in the
political sphere with three basic conditions. The state-participants are
obliged to ensure to women, on equal terms with men, the right:

1.     to vote in all elections and to be
elected in all publicly elected bodies

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2.     participate in the formulation and
implementation of government policy and to hold public office and perform all
public functions at all levels of government

3.     to participate in non-governmental
organizations and associations concerned with the public and political life of
the country

(Part II, Article 7)

There are several arguments that are against of participation of women in
political issues. One of them is that women are mostly considered responsible
for household issues, which should take care of family and children. Such position
holders claim that women are strapped by the task of managing everyday life and
looking after family, so they are not able to handle with politics and
governmental issues. Others state that woman in their psychological
characteristics cannot be involved in politics. It means that women in society
are largely accepted as a weak sex, which is not able to operate in most
important aspects of societal life. Moreover, since women are considered as a minority in executives, they
are likely to face lack of financial and moral support, which makes women to
suffer from low self-confidence. This is also can be associated with women
encountering lack of female solidarity, sharpened by the limited number of
positions in cabinets (UNESCO Courier, 2000, p. 28-29). Does this mean that in order to successfully compete with men, women should
be more gifted than men should and not too feminine? Generally speaking, modern
society, and most of the women themselves are not ready to accept a woman

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