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             Within the book” Ghetto at the center of the world ” by Gordon Matthews the connections the author brings upon different business engagements  through different men .Not only connections through business also on how people relate to other people ,think about and see things like race gender and class in society. Chunking gives a very well rounded explanation on which was engaged and on how he explained things .Deep into relations into how things happen now in a way deeper inside of It.    As a personal thought that has always drives through my head is how does many of these businesses survive on a monthly basis .Every thought while at a job or there as a consumer , just how Is possible . I often look at the neighborhood and question how does the company getting things done . As an employer of Many I’ve never gotten that far to seen it learn the depth of those questions. I’ve still haven’t to this day fully understand the concept of an company going over there usual for payroll expectations for that week or month and having all bill payed that month while also maintaining a profit on an consistent basis .  Gordon Matthews gives greats information on every point I question. In chapter 1 Gordon talks about the Hong Kong train system and how it’s a mass transit in which passagers board every 5 minutes in which they ignore a 40 minute walk . As said from Gordon ” It’s location in the heart of the Hong Kong  is what makes the buildings reputation “. In this refer he is talking about the Chungking Mansions , in Hong Kong.  As I go back into my questions within a business, I often questioned about stores or companies in dead beat areas . When I think of a store In which is successful in their goals I always think of high traffic areas . As an consumer this description reminds me of Times Square. An High traffic area In which alone leads you to every train line . That area has many stores in the area that depends on they very higher traffic of consumers.As a relation of Times Square  we can also go down to canal and or the famous title of soho . An area with the highest of brands not in the range of many people . Why is that so ? Would stores like that be around Times Square area . Well in that case these stores aren’t made for everyone . These type of stores are put into areas of the wealthy in which can afford this with no struggle . That’s a big difference from 42nd with the energy of hustle and abusing the area to canal in which is built for a certain crowd . stated in ( place ) the chungking Mansions is a dilapidated seventeen story building filled with cheap guest house and cut rate businesses. The place is mixed with many nationalities with an exact  amount of 129 counted. Gordon specifically says talking about the area leading to the ‘Mansions ” the restaurants may be in the wait if I.T is the right time of the day , shilling for half dozen different Chungking Mansions curry places, you must either ignore them or decide to follow “. This is a relation to Times squares , there is nothing but companies who have hires to Persuade you for business .         Same thing different area , just how high traffic areas is used . Well in the description in the specific moment he brings up the competition between a south Asian man and a Chinese man battling for a sale . The chinese man took upon himself to bash the condition of the room for himself to succeed on his sale. That is the high area nature of business.    Deep in Hong Kong’s core, 17 floors of a run-down building full of transients provide a key to understanding globalization from the bottom up.The critical elements that generate such a diverse dynamic lie in its convoluted ownership involving more than 900 different shareholders, which segments the building management into a complex mosaic of permutations-some of them formal, some decidedly informal. For most Hong Kong Chinese, Chungking Mansions is a “Heart of darkness” amid the swanky shops and busy restaurants.If Chungking Mansions is a ghetto, it is a middle-class ghetto and one that – as Mathews’ fascinating research shows – has much to teach us about the workings of globalization in an age of neoliberalism.How is Times Square in New York City representing cultural diversity and globalization? Attractive features of the Times Square like Naked Cowboy, shopping and entertainment places like the Toys “R” Us store, Virgin Megastore, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Hershey’s Time Square, a candy heaven where one can find best of Hershey’s brand, M&M’s store, Hello Kitty store, B.B. King’s BluesClub and other luxury stores. Gordon Mathews, an anthropologist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, spent his every free moment from 2006-10 absorbing this place in an effort to bring analytical light to its darkest corners.Hong Kong Chinese, which make up 95% of its neighbours, tend to regard the place with a kind of horror, as a heart of darkness that just happens to be located in the heart of their city.The model might be a Tanzanian trader who travels to Hong Kong for a week to source a few hundred used phones imported from Europe, “Refabbed” over the border in Shenzhen, specially packed to disguise their counterfeit batteries and then brought back to Africa as extra luggage-facilitated by undocumented labour.Like Hong Kong itself, Chungking Mansions exists to fill a gap between different kinds of economies, the middle-income and low-income.Unmentioned goes the fact that Hong Kong too is likely to pass into history, its special role withering as China.           As Ghetto at the Center of the World shows us, the Mansions is a world away from the gleaming headquarters of mul­tinational corporations-instead it epitomizes the way globaliza­tion actually works for most of the world’s people.If I might take a trick from Mathews’s own book, I’ll deploy an extended quote to explain low-end globalization, the phenomenon that creates Chungking Mansions’ unique environment.        This book is about Chungking Mansions and the people within it, but it is also about “Low-end globalization,” a form of globalization for which Chungking Mansions is a central node, linking to an array of nodes around the world, from Bangkok to Dubai to Kolkata, Kathmandu, Kampala, Lagos, and Nairobi. In around 2000, businessmen in Africa started moving to Chungking Mansions.With the backpackers from all around the world, there are now over 10000 people with over 130 nationalities going in and out of Chungking Mansions.At the same time, Anthropology Professor Gordon Mathews was interested by Chungking Mansions.In 2013, Gordon Mathews published the book “Ghetto at the Centre of the World: Chungking Mansions”.Chungking Mansions were always a dangerous place for Hong Kong people.So Hong Kong people only had a blurred image of Chungking Mansions before the film Chungking Express.In 1993, there was an explosion of the power supply room in Chungking Mansions, the mansions lost electricity and water for 10 days.

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