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With the Big data and analytics, the Healthcare industry is evolving at fast pace.The industry is generating enormous amounts of data via Pharmaceutical companies, Medicaltreatments, Patient registration and claims. Evaluation of all this information is the crux ofHealthcare analytics.The information sourced from different origins need to be analyzed to come with theinferences to improve Pharmaceutical companies sales/marketing, Structured approachtowards Clinical treatments, bringing out dynamic healthcare insurance policies, non genericpatient specific treatment, predictive approach- outbreak of diseases, consumption patterns,zoning of specific health issues and behavioral patterns.Healthcare analytics allows improving the Clinical practices while reducing the cost oftreatment. With wide variety of devices available in the market like Fitbit, Smartphones whichkeeps collecting information like Blood pressure, heart rate , footsteps, weight it becomes easyto take proactive care towards one’s health.In this article we are talking about the top 5 books which give you information on Healthcare,Data Analytics, Techniques used to analyze the data, Strategies/Frameworks/best practices tobe used.1. Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement? Author: Trevor L. Strome? About this Book:Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement identifies theavailability of technologies and focuses on how to use existing analytics to bridge thegap between Healthcare Organization Leadership, Quality Improvement andInformation Technology. This book also talks about the basic tools and techniques usedto extract value from healthcare data.It provides an overview of analytics strategy framework that Healthcare organizationcan focus on to achieve desired results.? Price : Rs. 4,393.00? Buy from : Quality-Performance-Improvement/dp/1118519698? Link to PDF : Health Analytics: Gaining the Insights to Transform Health Care? Author : Jason Burke? About this book :Change is inevitable!Adapting to a change is important.To thrive in the healthcare industry, the leaders – new and old have to adapt to remaincompetitive and progressive. Adaptation is to incorporate analytics as the core of anyfinancial, operational and marketing decision making.Innovating with industry requirements is the need of the hour. This book captures thecurrent scenario, identifies the concerns and proposes new models using healthanalytics.? Price: Rs.3,380.06? Buy from: Insights-Transform-Business/dp/1118383044? PDF Link : Healthcare Disrupted: Next Generation Business Models and Strategies? Author: Jeff Elton and Anne O’Riordan? About the book :Jeff Elton and Anne O’Riordan talks about the current state of the industry and what thefuture is going to be and how the new business models play a pivotal role to drive bestoutcomes in the Healthcare industry. This book focuses on how healthcare industry isevolving and provides guidance on the frameworks and strategies that must be used bythe HealthCare industry to create greater value.? Price: Rs. 1,743.00? Buy from: Generation-Business-Strategies/dp/1119171881? PDF Link : the-healthcare-disrupted-next- generation-business- models-and- strategies-jeff- elton-full- ebook4. Analytics in Healthcare and the Life Sciences? Author : Thomas H. Davenport , Dwight McNeill? About this book :Are you interested to know, how Analytics play a role in Healthcare and Life Sciences?Are you interested in the Business value of Health Analytics?Curious to know the best Practices in the Healthcare analytics?Would you like to pursue and cater to the ever changing requirements and trends indelivering personalized care?The book provides insight into analytical base for decisions to provide detailed andpersonalized information to patients.? Price : Rs.5,181.11? Buy from : Life-Sciences-Implementation/dp/0133407330? PDF link : Healthcare Data Analytics? Author: Chandan K. Reddy Editor : Charu C. Aggarwal? About this book:The book helps to bring together the diverse communities like Healthcare specialists andData analytics specialists. It details on the analytical techniques to gather, manage and makebest use of Healthcare data sourced from the Healthcare problems that exist in theecosystem.? Price: Rs.5,410.00? Buy from : Chapman-Knowledge-Discovery/dp/1482232111? PDF Link : is only a kick-start to enter the world of Healthcare Analytics. The books shortlisted aresummarized in only few lines to give you an insight. We highly recommend to walk througheach book to evaluate, understand and apply analytics to your career.

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