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With the release of HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and the Oculus VR Headset, loads of VR games and YouTube 360° videos are becoming more popular and interesting. Sadly, there are almost no chassis which proper support to store your VR headset with that pile of wires.The good news is, NZXT is here to save you with their recently released S340 Elite. Packed with accessories that focus on supporting someone who has/planning to try VR stuff and also have a ton of other premium features; this beautiful, elegant looking case is an updated, more functional version of the acclaimed original S340. And let me tell you the best thing, you get all this just under 100$.Only 30$ premium than the original. In my opinion, this is totally worthy of the price.Let’s dig a little deeper. This mid tower is available in three different colors ( Black, White, Black-Red); The S340 Elite is no doubt, one of the best looking chassis is the market right now. It has the same Frame of the original one, but a newly added Tempered glass gives it a more modern and fresh look. The case is compact but the interior looks surprisingly open which supports all sorts of ATX, MicroATX and mini-ITX motherboards with stand-offs and indications beside them for each kind. It is a nice touch for a first time builder, I think.Now, The case includes 1x120mm fan on the rear and top with support for 2×140/120mm fans on the front. There is a magnetic dust filter behind the solid and spaced out front panel. The dust filter under the PSU shroud is also magnetic instead of a mesh filter on the original.You might be wondering, why I keep calling it the VR chassis. Well, the reason is an accessory that comes with the case, A magnetic 2 piece holder that is made of rubber and can be attached to any metal surface in the case. This is meant to hold a VR Headset, or if you don’t have any right now, you can use it as a headphone holder too. This is one unique feature of the S340. Now, I’m not finished yet, the case is VR friendly in so many ways. Besides regular IO ports like audio in and out, 2x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 ports, it also has an HDMI Port on the top IO with VR support. You can take off the VR headset From the magnetic holder, plug in the HDMI port on top and start playing right away.Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular and accessible day by day. Developers are also focusing on making amazing VR games and other contents. So I think this marvelous successor of the S340 would be the best case if you want to dive into the VR madness.

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