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With it’s stimulating effects, it’s easy to understand why coffee is the second most Commodity trading on the ground after oil. For many, it keeps us awake and moving through our busy days. But how does it work? What exactly does coffee do to your brain? Whenever you awake, a chemical called adenosine slowly accumulate in the brain. This is linked to adenosine receptors that slow down brain activity – at the end of the day, and More adenosine there, and more of your fatigue feel the brain. Which makes sense, as is I was awake, and more to become fatigued. On the contrary, when you sleep, concentration Declines adenosine, and gradually promote vigilance. But it turns out that the caffeine in your coffee is incredibly similar to adenosine In the temple. Caffeine works it way through the bloodstream to the brain, Where the competition starts and connects with adenosine receptors. But because it is not Adenosine, and “sleepy” effect is not felt. Can no longer bind adenosine, this means It’s diminished sedative properties. It’s great for you when you feel Tired! However, with long-term use of caffeine, the brain responds by creating more adenosine Receptors – which means more caffeine is required to get the same response.

This also means That when you try to quit drinking coffee, or miss your daily consumption, you may encounter Some of the withdrawal symptoms and feel more tired than you would have to drink before ever coffee! But caffeine does not stop at this point! It also stimulates the production of adrenaline – As you know, the fight or flight hormone? This increases the heart rate and gets your blood Pumping, and even open your air passages.

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Moreover, it affects the levels of dopamine by blocking for Absorption in the brain, which makes you feel happy! In fact, this is exactly the same Something that is not cocaine, less degree just. It’s drugs, afterall! This dopamine Stimulation is also part of the coffee that makes it moderately addictive. So you can drink a lot of coffee? Show there is a lethal dose of caffeine Somewhere around 150mg of caffeine in a kilogram of body. This means if your weight 70KG that you will need 14,000mg of caffeine overdose. Put in perspective, on average A cup of coffee contains about 150mg of caffeine, I mean if you 70KG, nearly 70 Cups of coffee will kill you. However, you should drink a cup that each time making From virtually impossible to overdose on caffeine from coffee, because you will not be able Physically fit too much in your stomach.

Want to start also suffer from manic and Hallucinations before reaching this point. Caffeine also halflife of about 6 hours-even if you drink coffee with a standard of about 150mg of caffeine, after about 6 hours there will be only 75mg left in your system and You’ll be feeling half the effect. After 6 hours, you will have 37.5mg – Leave More space for adenosine to jump back to the movement. This is why up to another Cup throughout the day, to keep this glorious, feeling alert and energetic. So drink up! And enjoy the buzz … while it lasts 🙂 And all of you at school, while we know that caffeine is the key, so are good deals on textbooks! Therefore, we have cooperated with to get the cheapest price for books you need. All you have to do is go to and search ISBN number of books Look for.

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