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With this letter, I am applying for Master’s Programme in Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation 2018/2019 at Lund University, Sweden. The program has interested me as a possibility for the continuation of my Bachelor’s studies in environmental protection and sustainable development, combining my work experience in humanitarian response and social support projects in Ukraine and my developed interest in the resilience of societies in response to disasters and climate change. My educational background in ecology and my current experience of working in an NGO that provides social support to affected communities in Eastern Ukraine, has led me to realize the importance of resilience and preparedness of societies to challenges and risks both natural and human-caused. I wish to expand my knowledge of disaster risk management, risk assessment and adaptability of societies in order to apply it in my future work in Ukraine. I am particularly interested in climate change adaptation of the conflict-affected regions in Ukraine. The area has already been vulnerable to climate risks (changes in precipitation, higher temperatures, fires, loss of biodiversity) due to heavy industrialization and the armed conflict has increased the existing problems. I would like to apply the knowledge, international methods, and experience that I get through this course to work further in capacity development and project management in those areas.I studied ecology and environmental protection at the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” where I graduated from with a BSc diploma with honors in 2011. My thesis explored the environmental consequences of shale gas extraction in Ukraine, which raised my interest in sustainable development and connection between economic interests, society development, and environmental issues and draw my attention to the industrial-caused problems in Donbass region. I was also shortly involved in the research studying the effects of precipitation changes on the steppe ecosystems in southern Ukraine and it raised my interest in climate change and its consequences for Ukraine. In 2013, I continued my study of ecology and environmental protection at National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine and earned a Master’s degree, however it was a part-time form of studies, and at the time I was also employed at National Ecology and Nature Center as a Country Coordinator for the environmental education program Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment ( At this position, I acquired skills in program management, development of training courses, study projects, and programmes. One of my achievements, while I stayed in charge of the program, was increased number of students participating in the program from … to … … newly trained teachers. During that time we also initiated a nation-wide action involving students and teachers to monitor the blossoming of a cherry tree in Ukraine. The campaign still continues with more species added, which are observed by more than … students. In 2017 I joined an NGO HealthRight International in Ukraine ( to improve my understanding of international project management and collaboration between government and international agencies to address the crisis in Eastern Ukraine. I specialized in grant writing, reporting, collection and analysis of data. As part of my role I learned a lot about health, social and environmental situation in Eastern Ukraine and the programs, approaches and methods of such organizations as UNDP, UNFPA, UN Women and the EU. I realized that my experience in humanitarian aid projects, environmental education background and my desire to work in this sphere prepares could contribute to overcoming the negative effects of conflict and building resilient local communities. My responsibility, diligence and management skills suited for this role, however, it was clear that my progress was slowed down by my lack of training and knowledge of resilient systems and societies, risk assessment and management tools and methods, project management of disaster risk management and climate change. The Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation programme would be the next step in my professional development. By reading the course curriculum I believe that the subjects offered at the programme as well as the possibility of internship-based course will suit my career goals. Currently, Ukraine is undergoing a decentralization reform transferring more power over budgets to local communities. Many of newly created ‘amalgamated territorial communities’ lack awareness about climate change, disaster risk management and need assistance in contingency planning, land use planning, and disaster risk management. These courses will improve my knowledge of international methods and prepare me for contribution to building sustainable societies in Ukraine.My desire to study in Sweden comes from a deficit of equivalent professional programs offered in Ukraine. The decentralization reform and future environmental challenges (which are often pushed back for the sake of economic development) will demand a workforce with a specialized skillset. With this degree I would like to meet this demand and, in the future, be a pioneer in the disaster risk management and climate change. Furthermore, Sweden’s environmental and sustainability policy and education attract experts from around the world. The possibility to share ideas with others would be a great opportunity for my professional career.Given the experience and my previous studies I am looking forward to taking my career further. The courses in the programme are in line with my professional goals. The study abroad provides a great opportunity for exchange of knowledge and learning about best practices from professionals from other countries. I think that my skills and knowledge gained from my professional experience and university would make me a valuable addition to the Master’s Programme in Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation at Lund University.Thank you in advance for considering my application,Regards

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