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With the influx and fluctuating fossil fuel prices and
nuclear disasters such as Fukushima, questions have been raised about the
continual use of such source of power. Renewable sources of energy seem to be
the answer to the growing need for power. The world receives 174 petawatts of
solar energy every year, which is undoubtedly the largest and most abundant
source of energy, other sources of energy such as hydro power and coal require
a lot of effort to produce electricity whereas solar farms are considered to be
easily established. The production of electricity is simple and is simply given
to the grid.

Recently winning the 2014 C40 & siemens City Climate
Leadership award in the green energy category the city of Seoul is in the
process of transforming itself from being an energy consuming country to a
producer with the help of 10 million participating residents. In light of the
growing global concerns over the use of nuclear power the prestigious award
allowed the country to evolve into a city that is solar powered and
environmentally friendly. The city has laid out plans to be in the forefront to
this important cause and further itself to becoming an energy reliant country
reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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South Korea is one of the most industrialised countries in
Asia, ranking eighth in the world as the largest electricity consumer, however
in recent years it has introduced the idea of increasing the renewable energy
use. The country is strongly supported by the manufacturing industry of solar
pv as well as a share of supportive polices. Recently revising its nuclear
power policy South Korea is now reliant on nuclear power that would potentially
help the source of solar pv manifold.

The country is attempting to improve renewables as they have
suggested that by 2020 the global solar power production is estimated to reach
500GW from 40.134GW recorded in 2014, suggesting that the market is one of the
fastest growing within Asia. The South Korean solar power market is valued to
reach billions in 2020 with a CAGR of 10.6%. Figures from 2014 projected for
the year 2020.

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