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With the availability of internet and smart phones, number of internet users in world has already crossed 3 billion mark. Internet has made various activities and tasks easier. This convenience of internet has impacted travel and hotel industry. This has resulted in the origin of online hotel booking engine. Nowadays, when people plan for a vacation or holiday, they start it by exploring places and deals on internet.

Online hotel booking engine has smoothen the process of hotel booking. Best part of online hotel booking engine is that it allows travelers to book hotel in advance to avoid any type of inconvenience later. That’s why many hotels are integrating it with their website.

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Benefits of hotel booking engine:

·         Hotel booking engine increases the revenue and profit of hotels. As everyone is using internet nowadays and number of users are increasing exponentially. So, the numbers of people who book hotels online are also increasing. Earlier hoteliers used to give commission to agents, but hotel booking engine gives hoteliers business directly. This sums up the profit amount.

·         It has improved ease and convenience of travelers. Hotel reservation software provides thumbnail images of hotel rooms which makes it easier for travelers to make their decision. It also shows the location of hotel which makes easier for travelers to locate their hotel. Hotel reservation software also allows visitor to compare process of different hotels and choose the best which suits their budget. All these facilities have made hotel room booking easy.

·         It updates real time information, such as which room is available to client, timings for which a room is booked. This skips the possibilities of duplicate booking of hotel room.

·         Hotel booking engine sends automated mails and SMS to clients for updates prior to check-in. As well it sends automated electronic invoices to clients.

·         Not only room booking, travelers can book more services such as spa, car booking for near by spots from the same booing engine.

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