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With both my parents being medical device engineersI have an innate passion for physics with an acquired taste for medicine. Mydesire to study medicine emanated on my motivation to bring about technologicalchanges in the field of medicine. My interest in medicine began after 3Dprinting was first introduced into the field of medicine through the use of thesoftware, Materialise. Population boom and lifestyle changes have taken itstoll on human health in all aspects. People are constantly in quest of better health facilities. The advent of 3Dprinting has been termed as the 3rd industrial revolution and has contributed agreat deal in the field of medicine.

 After research I found that 3D printing is usedin instances including X-ray planning and analysis, 3D image-based planning andanalysis, Anatomical models, Patient-Specific guides and finallyPatient-Specific implants. People who previously could not afford a prostheticarm could now buy a fully functional arm. The most interesting case I found waswhen a baby was born with ventricular septal defect. Using the CT scan of thebaby’s heart a 3D representation of it was created which captured the  congenital defects accurately. It was then 3D printed which allowed thesurgeons to accurately explain the problem and what need to be done by them,making the parents as confident as their surgical team. It also helped avoidthe typical series of life threatening operations.

 There are undoubtedly several other jobs whichcould have served the motto for my purpose. I could become a biomedicalengineer, which would fulfill my passion for invention, however it would notallow for a direct interface towards the patients and would also repress mymechanical passion. I could also go for chemical engineering as it wouldsatisfy both my interest for invention as well as mechanics, but this field ofstudy would not serve purpose to communicate with patients. After muchreflection, I finally sought out my options and decided that for interactionwith patients being a doctor is a much obvious choice. The duty of a doctor isvery noble.

It is the one door which leads to several other doors being openedand is also the key to trust and challenge which I feel I have the will-powerto take.  Along with this I have met several studentsstudying in medicine in the NUS open house and they gave me a tour of the NUSfacilities as well as the NUS medical library which amazed me with theresources they have to study for the subject. I have also realised that NUS hasits own basketball team which allows me to fulfill my passion for sports aswell as academics.  

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