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With growing popularity around the world, halal cosmetics are making an impact in the beauty industry with more brands coming up with this range of cosmetic line. For people wondering about what halal cosmetics are, they are products that are manufactured, produced or consists only ingredients that are accepted by Islamic law, meaning that it doesn’t contain any animal products or alcohol and the products are cruelty-free. It is gaining popularity as most Muslim women believe that the beauty products that they use should also adhere to the halal standards.With the rise of modest fashion and Islamic bloggers, there is a growing awareness of Muslim women in the fashion and beauty industry and they are inspiring their young women followers to get into beauty, particularly halal makeup.

Many popular brands have also taken notice of the growing demand, thereby coming up with their own line of halal cosmetics. The growing demand for halal cosmetics is the fact that they are Wudhu friendly or ablution friendly. Muslim women have to do ablution before they pray five times a day. For the ablution ritual to be correct, water must reach all parts of their skin and nails that they wash, and normal makeup and nail polish provide a barrier to the water to penetrate, the reason for which halal products have been getting quite popular. One of the products which created an impact in the Islamic world is the introduction of breathable nail polish by Inglot, which was hugely popular with the products being sold out in bulk.

Halal nail polishes are water permeable nail polishes that allows women to beautify themselves whilst remaining firm in their faith. Brands quickly paid attention to this upcoming trend and went even far the way of getting halal certification for their products for competitive advantage.Vegan, natural or organic cosmetic brands have also been gaining popularity in the recent years, as more and more people are being conscious of what they are putting on their body.  However, there is a confusion between vegan and halal products. Even though both halal and vegan makeup are cruelty-free, and does not contain animal products, vegan products may contain alcohol.

Rather than shelving seasonal attractable products with changing seasonal products, the halal brands target a niche group of people whose beliefs never change. The global market for halal cosmetics in 2015 was valued at 16.32 billion USD and is expected to reach 52.02 billion USD by  2025 according to a recent report by Grand View Research. The brands have realised a gap in the market of underserved Muslim consumers, who comprises a large portion of the market with high purchasing power.

Hence variety of brands are emerging with a diverse range of halal certified products.Some of the popular halal cosmetic brands include Sampure Minerals, Inika Organics, Zahara Cosmetics, Amara Cosmetics, Maya Cosmetics, Tuesday in Love, Salima Skin Solutions, etc.

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