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With the passing of time
the new technologies of communication has emerged in our society. We are
continually influenced by those messages and images that mesmerize our mind and
seduce us towards those products that is not good for our women. Advertisement
is one of the essential tool which is use to sell a product and now it play an
integral code for commercial success. For the economic development of the
marketers it is consider a main element.


Advertisement plays a
significant role to creating awareness in a world. However, we have been notice
and observe that businessmen spend billions of dollars on their products to get
fame and promote their product globally because this is the way to spread positive
and negative awareness by using the different features to make an image of
brand products and share it in the market and consumers get benefits to get upcoming
updates of products. It is a process to consider influence the customers meticulously
and grab their attentions by some sponsor thorough various social media sides like
Radio, outdoor advertising, newspaper, magazine, bill board advertising, celebs
advertising, write blogs, create websites and text messages and so on.

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Advertisement is kind of
communication between seller and consumer. Advertisement has a powerful impact
on a society. It is a basic implement to intoxicate the women by showing
fascinating ads and different kind of products to frame their desire that
actually they want. As a result advertiser companies get the advantage to manipulate
and set a mind of seller perceptions and decisions of Adults, children and
mostly women. By
showing unethical advertisement it becomes a negative cause of advertiser that decreases
the dignity commitment of consumers. In Pakistan most of the companies are ignoring
the ethics of advertisement which effect on many consumes especially in women
because in advertisement women are a main role to attract and influence their mind
on products. Due to some unethical ads it effect more rapidly on women buying
behavior. Women create their perceptions about the advertize product and then
it start appealing to them and their attitude to buy the product. Even there
are most of the way that advertiser companies use celebrities to sell their
products to grab the attentions of audiences which is consider in changing the
attitude in women behavior.


As we have seen some
advertisements may be proving good in a culture and it turns in a fruitful
result. In Pakistan some rules and regulations for unethical and misleading
advertisement are not implemented properly.  However, during the promotions of their
products it is a duty of companies they should follow the rules and modes of
ethics and avoid those adds that is not consider good for women in future and advertiser
companies should guide and sell their products with full integrity rather than
blackmailing and force the women to buy products. 

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