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Wireless sensor
networks (WSNs) are a combination of many technologies, such as sensing,
embedded computing, distributed information processing, and communications. The
sensor nodes can collaborate on real-time monitoring, sensing, collecting
network distribution of the various environments within the region or
monitoring object information 1. This information is then processed to obtain
useful data, which will be sent to the user 2. Data are transmitted from the
source node to target node. If data do not take a long time for searching the
target node, the node in the network is always in the data transmission state.
During this time, because the utilizations of nodes are not in equilibrium 4,
the energy of individual nodes will run out because of the nodes’ obvious
failure 5,6. This causes delay in transmission. Therefore, the problem of
path planning, i.e.,how to improve the speed of source node searching target
node, is one of the research hot spots in the field of WSN. In recent years,
research has made some progress about analysis and improving the network
performance in the application of finite capacity queueing networks 7.
Several researchers developed state-of-the-art algorithms for measuring,
modelling, simulating and forecasting the Earth’s atmosphere state. These
algorithms, developed for national and international operational and research
satellite programs, convert sensor/instrument measurements into geophysical parameters
such as vertical temperature/water vapour profiles, estimates of cloud amount,
type and phase, and land/ocean parameters such as sea surface winds, net heat
flux, and forest fire intensity/extent.

new sensors are developed that provide higher spatial and spectral resolution
with lower noise, the expertise of our scientists will be instrumental in
designing the sensors, validating their accuracy and precision, and ultimately
using the sensors operationally. It is very urgent requirement to develop the
algorithms to handle the sensor network data retrieval and analysis in real
time. Some of the usability of such works will be to support end-to-end
modelling studies used in the design of sensors and measurement systems. 

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there are lot of grand challenges for the monitoring and modelling as well as
prediction of the weather and climate system. In the growing age of computer
Science and Satellite technology, advanced observation systems like WSNs, RADAR
etc. there are several avenues for the research in the weather and climate
studies 3

The remainder of
this paper is organized as follows. Section II describes the related work on
end-to-end delay and Network Structure. In Section III, discuss about
experimental results of end-to-end delay and network structure. Section IV,
concludes the paper with future work followed with references.

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