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Wireless Networking is an enticing career field. Networkingnecessitates mostly hard work and competition for the high-quality positions. Dueto my greater interest in computer field, I had graduated in Computer Applications.

Since, I have chosen Wireless Networking as my field of study. I am amenable toput my efforts on being good at it. A number of paid placements exist innetworking, each with swinging salaries and long-term career prospective.The basic job titles for computer networking andnetworking-related positions include:Ø  NetworkAdministratorØ  Network(Systems) EngineerØ  Network(Service) TechnicianØ  Networkprogrammer/analystØ  Network/InformationSystems Manager)Among these positions, I prefer to be a Network Administratorowing to the fact that it is one of the high ranking posts one could accomplishin an IT field. A network administrator is the one who contrivance, handles andtroubleshoot networks. It is their obligation to conduct a detailed study aboutthe company’s necessity and organize the systems to function through the entireedifice. My technical comprehension, stumbling block solving skills, prompt andgood communication competence could definitely gratify the constraints ofbecoming a Network Administrator.

Hence I could prove my expertise and become exceptionalin what I always wanted to be.There are a lot of marketable networking establishmentsin the world such as Cisco, IBM, Amazon, Google, Microsoft etc. All these firmsvary greatly in terms of their cultures, rules and practices.

Each has theirown unique brands, say google which is named after its own company. Wireless telecommunicationprogress increased requirements on networks and the experts that support them.Ensuring the technology is optimally constructed, monitored, and backed isparamount to achieving business upshots and entails a workforce of masterywireless professionals. So these companies open up wide range of job possibilitiesto the IT graduates.After a lot of workrooms, I found that the company Ciscokeep up their cultures, which is indistinguishable to that of mine. Cisco is amultinational corporation, headquartered in San Jose, California, United Statesthat designs and manufactures networking equipment.

It is said to be thelargest networking company. I always wanted to get employed in a MNC likeCisco. In order to fulfill my aim, I prepared myself and successfully passedCCNA examination.At Cisco, there was a systematic way of organizing aparticular culture – usually by querying the company employees. They framed an”Our people deal” whose motto includes the following three characteristics:Ø  ConnectEverythingØ  InnovateEverywhereØ  BenefitEveryoneOnce it was developed, the senior leaders wereresponsible to elaborate and role model it and the employees to understandtheir role in it. The basis of the success of a corporate like Cisco is its glassdoorreviews, according to which the human resources and their thoughts are theasset to a business.

The victory of a firm could be earned only if the directorreach out and listen to the opinions and thoughts of their workers.    Culture and values in Cisco:·        Since the enterprise focuses more theemployees, we get more attention.·        They are sincere and undemanding intheir movements. Cisco knows flair when they see it.

The whole workers in Cisco work as a team, they always care their human resources. They admire every last one, share action points between them and reward for group attainments.   Demerits ofCisco:·        Too much slog stress, since they arethe leading networking corporate they do get a lot of efforts.·        No job security. Any employee can getdismissed if they are not good at their toils, since many are waiting on thedoor for attaining the ingress ticket to the magnificent world of reticulation.

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