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            Winslow Homer was an exceptional artist who created landscape
watercolor paintings with his main focus on marine life. His landscapes have cool
tone colors with giving emphasis on objects with warm tone colors. He has portrayed
the motion of the sea successfully. In his painting Salt Kettle, Bermuda (1899)
he has painted the calm and composed sea, showing no movement of any life and
putting emphasis which is in contrast to the painting A Fresh Breeze in which the
artist has depicted the violence of the sea with clashing waves by the use of
white on the rocks and flowy dresses on two ladies passing by. In this painting,
the artist has given emphasis on the baskets carried by the ladies and the
flowy scarfs they were wearing by warm tone colors. This shows the versatility
of the artist in depicting different emotions.

            John Singer Sargent was another remarkable artist who
painted watercolors with his focus on objects and humans, showing detail. His
portrait Bedouins show two gentlemen with scarfs on their head and daggers in
their hands. He has shown force and the emotion of a warrior ready for battle with
the sharp eyes on the faces of the warriors. The use of different shades of
blue on the painting provoke the feeling of sadness. In his landscape The
Bridge of Sighs, he has painted a bridge with a boat underneath with men rowing
a boat and two passengers enjoying the scenic beauty. In this artwork, the
artist has used different shades of blue which provide a sense of calmness. The
different use of white in both the paintings change the emotion of the
painting, even though the artist has used blue to depict the emotions.

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