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William Henry gates iii is an American business magnet, investor, author , philanthropist , humanitarian and co – founder of the Microsoft corporation. The world knows him for his wealth, success and most importantly his leadership qualities. He joined Harvard in the fall of 1973, with SAT score of 1590 on 1600 but he stayed there only for two years and after dropping out out he found Microsoft with childhood friend Paul Allen. From a very young age he grew interest in computers and programming and he was certain of attaining great things in his life. He was a visionary and hence he succeeded in what he planned for and dreamt of .He is a very focused leader. And nothing proves it more than his dedication of 30 years that he has given alone to the software and programming. He was consistent and focused and this is where his contemporary lagged and this is what makes him different and better from rest. Another quality of bill gates , which makes him a charismatic leader is the urge to think big.his family had a law career in mind for him. But he was always interested in computers and coding . He wanted to see every home with a computer and Microsoft running in it. This was his vision and today this is exactly what is happening. The most amazing quality bill gates has is passion. Once an executive showed bill gates a game and defeated him 35 out of 37 times. When they met again a month later, gates won or tied every game. He had studied the game until he solved it. That is what made him a passionate competitor as well.Like all the great leaders he is an opportunity grabber. Every leader figure out the right opportunity and act towards it. As soon as bill gates got the opportunity of working in association with IBM he didn’t think twice and grabbed the opportunity. It is said good leader is not born but made. Thus with hard work and ability to guide people to the right path is what makes a leader . Bill gates is an effective leader because almost the entire world not only follows him but worships him. His ability to influence people is amazing. Most importantly age of his followers vary from a young child to old man. They all love him for the way he has expanded his empire . Bill gates was the world’s most rich person for almost 13 years. Bill gates was the man who had the guts to think beyond the ordinary . And his vision was clear. At 17 years old, bill gates was quoted as ” wanting to rule the world”, now that he does have significant leadership power , perhaps he wants to rule a world that is more like him. Intelligent, strong willed, charismatic and transformational.

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