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Why Video Games Are Bad For Your Kids Should you let your kids play video games? Before you think about answering the question, first look at video games and violence, video games and stereotypes, and the addictiveness of video games. Some articles state that video games can influence kids to be more violent in their actions (Fletcher, 2015). For example, “Elliot Rodger killed seven young men and women, including himself. He loved violent video games from a young age, hiding himself in World of Warcraft, where he felt comfortable and secure”  (Fletcher, 2015). According to the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery, you can also get addicted to violent video games. Video games can also have content with bad stereotypes (Newsweek, 2016). By looking at these three things, it will be clear why video games might be bad for kids. Ask yourself do I want my child to be a killer? “Jeff Weise, a 16-year-old, killed nine people at and near his high school in Red Lake, Minnesota, had an obsession with violent animation” (Fletcher, 2015). Violent games influence kids to be violent and have heightened aggressive behavior. Violent video games can also cause anxiety, depression and thoughts about killing others. You might have got into fights with your kids about getting off the screen. Video game addiction is described as an impulse control disorder, says the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery. Most video games have a lot of levels so that the child wants to go to the next level. Some examples are Temple Run, Run 3, Candy Crush, and Candy Land. Some warning signs of video game addiction are a long period of time spent on the video game. Video games addiction is a key role to mass murders related to videogames. The person usually got addicted then got a image painted in his head to harm people. Video games nowadays have a higher chance of have content with stereotypes. They may be small like women with exaggerated features or big like a game where the point is to shoot the arab. With so many kids playing video games, you don’t know what the kid is playing. From past experience the, average parent let’s their child play video games over their age range. The makers put the content for the age range so the kid would be exposed to inappropriate pictures that were made for teens or grown ups. You probably are wondering why a kid is writing an essay about not having video games and instead of for. But I know what truly is good for me.. You probably allow you kid to play because they are happy and quiet. You should not let your kid play video games or you should watch them closely and moneter them. I speak for the welfare of all kids.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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