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Why We FightNathen farnum Mr BruceHistory 12Is the US is responsible for all its military actions or cannot put the blame on others?With the information that is out there they are responsible for all its military actions.A Military industrial complex is that where a country is not controlled by its head of states and or the leader of the country but by the defense contractors and arms dealers. Their control is an interesting one for the fact that they have no direct control over the country but control over those who run it.The way that these companies control the people who have the power to control the country is simple. They have products do it for them. A good example of this is a military plane, this plane has many parts. The parts needed for this plane are being made in many states even if it’s something simple like the window. The way this controls the head of state is through jobs because this company is building something in their state jobs and factories are made. This means that the people of said state are influenced to keep their jobs and in a sense they vote for those who don’t threaten their job security. This ties in with the voting habits of these people and lead to a leader who is dedicated to increasing the defense budget, meaning the people get paid more and the company’s stays in the state.Something like this may not seem too bad but what the company’s due with this control is terrible. With a few words they can convince the country to go to war, all they have to do is say there is a dying need for the military arms and they may have to close. This statement would lead to the loss of millions of jobs and the replacement of the heads of state to someone set on a different job providing path. With this the head of state are motivated to find a reason to use the products that these companies are supplying, this allows them to keep their position in power.This information leads to false information to be told to drive the country to war, an example of this is the Vietnam war and how it was started through the use of the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident. This incident was a blatant lie and drove many people to their deaths when it was unnecessary. This was not the only time that a lie was said or an incident was staged. Thus far the US government still does not take responsibility for these actions, they state that they are “simply reacting to forces that it does not control.” With the information that was clearly presented without a doubt the US is Responsible for all its military actions. This is due to the US allowing itself to be controlled by the companies that make military weapons.

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