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Why Water is ImportantBy Kennedy Martinez Did you know that you can only live only 8-10 days without water? Water is so important that most people might use it all the time.Water can help us survive. In other words people have to drink water to survive.For example, no one can live without it because we have water for a reason imagine your running and your really tired and there is no water around so now you’re dehydrated but if there was water you would probably be hydrated and ready to race. This means that you should always be hydrated. Water grows things but not pizza or spaghetti im talking about fruits and vegetables water can hreif there was no rain which is obviously water there would be no fruits or vegetables for us to eat. Animals need water so then we don’t have plants all over the world covering everything because some animals eat plants so if we didn’t have water for animals to drink there would be no animals to eat the plant. Also animals are important and we need them because some people eat animals and some animals eat other animals so those animals wouldn’t have food.Once I went to a water park it was so fun, the water slides, pools, wave pools all that awesome stuff. Imagine billy is on the swings at a normal park getting burned by the sun. Meanwhile a water park with water is being used by many people NOT getting really hot like its been in an oven. first of all normal regular parks have slides, swings, monkey bars those things are so boring.water park slides are refreshing and nice to be a in so are the pools. My final reason to why water is important is hygiene to clarify if we had no water to take any showers every one would stink. My dog smells like most dogs do but she smells worse. Here’s why she can’t brush her teeth on the other hand she can’t brush her teeth on her own because shes a dog. when my dog posey has to take a bath we have to take her to a speacila place to get a bath includes water. If you ever met my dog you would be surprised that she dosnt like water but most dogs mabye do like water its not like she dosnt drink water she just dosnt like get wet.Now you know why water is important to me, billy,  my dog and probably every one in the world. Water can help you do many things survive, have fun, and keep you from stinking al the time.

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