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Why weather patterns are important in food production. Food production is dependent on seasons and weather. That’s why in Canada we can’t have Many fresh foods like vegetables or fruits because they aren’t available in the winter. That’s why Canada gets all the fresh foods from other countries. Countries that stay at consistent temperatures and sustainable weather patterns. This is important because for most fresh foods there needs to be a good growing season or the food isn’t tasty. If the food isn’t fresh or doesn’t taste the best then the growers don’t get money. Say there’s a major drought and food prices are quite high most poor or lower class citizens just won’t be able to stay healthy and probably get sick after a while. Now let’s say there’s record high flooding in a poor or first world country. Then what do they do probably starve. Or develop various health problems that could be prevented. Climate change isn’t just the earth getting warmer. It’s a global hazard. And some people might think the temperatures rising seams like a great time. But in reality the temperatures rising will trigger a war in time to come,  Only if it’s not stopped. Now the reason for this global warming is because the major increase of greenhouse gases being released. When greenhouse gas is released most of that gas is trapped in the atmosphere. Which is causing the increased temperature over time. But humans are to blame. The earth was made to conceal greenhouse emissions but at the rates that we are burning these gases the earth just can’t keep up. Now let’s go to the food industry and how what you eat is actually dangerous. For health as well as the earth. The mass amounts of food that is being make and consumed is incredibly disappointing. I am also at fault because I love stakes and incredibly cheap snack foods that do more harm than good. Let’s talk about cows. A wonderful herbivore just doing its thing than we come along and try and eat it. Anyway cows contribute to climate change quite a bit. And since humans think they taste so good they mass farm them. Cows naturally produce methane gas. One of the greenhouse gases. And 10% of all the harmful gases globally. Now if the earth is to be saved somehow mankind needs to do something. Now since watching a documentary in class I have made minor adjustments to my diet. And try to be more cautious about climate change. Thank you for showing the class the documentary. And sorry if I missed anything. 

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