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Who We Are and Our MissionAksharam is spearheaded by a group of leading professionals from the fields of education, engineering, architecture, pure science, actuarial science, design, law, medicine, management, journalism and investment banking.

Our mission is to build a collaborative bridge between the academic and professional worlds; to ensure that the next generation of talent is given valuable exposure to professional life at an early stage, so as to set in motion a chain of behaviours that will allow them to fulfil their ambitions. We believe that such experience is wholly relevant in a world where the competition for graduate positions has become more fierce, and students crave a competitive advantage over their peers. More and more students from various schools and universities have attended our programmes, and our movement is gathering pace at an exponential rate.  What We DoWe provide inspirational career-experience programmes to students who aspire to break into some of the world’s most-desirable professions. On our programmes, we aim to create the ‘ultimate work experience’ through interactive case studies, seminars, networking sessions, and career coaching guidance. We offer experiences in investment banking, law, medicine, engineering, and journalism; and we have programmes available for both school and university students. On each programme, senior professionals provide students with the following four foundations of a successful career:Knowledge:The fundamental concepts a student must know about the profession that can only be understood in a live, collaborative environment.

Experience:Real-life, interactive case studies followed by guided feedback, so that students truly walk in the shoes of a professional for a day.Advantage:Coaching on the science of breaking into the most desirable jobs, all the way from A-level and university choices, to interviews, applications, and assessment centres.Network:An opportunity to meet-and-greet high-ranking professionals, who can become invaluable mentors for students’ future careers.  We are a group of professionals cumulatively,  having over 200 years of experience in India SAARC region,  ASEAN Countries, USA, Europe, Africa and Australia.

We  specialize  in conducting Knowledge Sessions A. MUN ·       School children 6th – 9th Standard.·       Graduate Students – Engineering, Arts and Science. B.   Moot Court ·       School Children 9th and Above aspiring to be lawyers·        ·       We will link with consultants who are top researchers in their field, and have extremely strong academic backgrounds. They will be  trained in our mode of delivery in research that is specially designed to help school students with little background in research come up with excellent deliverables.The Concept Paper ProcessThe students are formed into groups according to their choice. The groups would have a strength of 1, 2 or a maximum of 3 students.

The forming of the groups will be left to the students.The groups are exposed to three sessions of contemporary topics that expose the student to cutting edge research. The groups can then choose one of the topics projected, or any other in Conjunction with their Consultant depending on their field of interest.The research groups shall then be exposed to recent papers that have been written in the field of their choice, and taught the essentials of paper writing.

 Concept Paper Writing Process The groups would be encouraged to come up with a 500 word non plagiarized note that describes their future work in the paper. This shall be sent to a suitable conference identified by us where it may be accepted pending full paper submission. The time frame for this stage is around 60 days.The students then take some time to write the full paper that needs to be ready by the time the conference is held. The progress of the student may be monitored real time by all stakeholders using our software.


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