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Who do we work? What a question I find to be open-ended. Answers can vary based on a few factors: race, religion, environment, the type of profession and the individual. This paper will exam the responses from three different individuals and comparing and contrasts their answers. I personally believe human nature is to service each other, making a difference regardless of how minuscule the impact is in someone’s life.I had the pleasure of interview three individual, the first two interviews were both human resource professional with more than 30 years of experience between the two. Both worked in two different industries. One worked for not for profit most of their career and the other worked for profit which had a private owner. The reason I mentioned the industries is that it affects the viewpoints as to why they work.When I asked the human resources professional whose experience is mostly in not for profit why they worked, most of the answers were the same except one. Ultimately, this person enjoyed the field or path chosen because it gave a great sense of accomplishment. “Being a source for answers, knowing that everyone trusts what you say an amazing feeling”.  The second human resources professional who worked for a private entity over the years was trust into the human resources position. They felt that at the time the company was so small that when it started growing, the position just took on a life of its own. ” It’s all I know, I like what I do but the money makes it easier to come to work day in and day out”.The third and final interview became a chief out of necessity and creativity. During the start of the 2008 recession, these people once own a modeling agency. When things slowed up and business had to close, they made a decision of finding a career that would be recession proof in most sense. Ultimately someone has to eat, not everyone can cook and I enjoy creating. Being a personal chief pays great, it allows for a wonderful like. But it’s the creative side that this person enjoyed. Similar to modeling it’s taking something and in the end presenting something that everyone would love, that is cooking.”In the most modern of civilizations, we no longer work in order to meet our most basic of needs. We have progressed to higher needs, to needs that go beyond survival alone. We look to improve our lives, to make them better and to make ourselves happier. While many still do work in order to pay for the most basic of necessities, a good amount of people (although a minority in the world) have moved on towards working towards happiness — no longer only survival”.Such privileged people, myself included, have the rare opportunity to live a fulfilling life. While the majority of the world live in poverty, most of you reading this are going to be working not just to have something to eat today, but to have some of the things on your long list of wants — a list of things most would consider luxuries.

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