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many of the artworks we have looked at so far are nice, my favorites are Emperor Justinian and Courtiers, Empress
Theodora and Retinue, and By This
Sign You Shall Conquer. While the Byzantine artworks I choose differ in
style from By This Sign You Shall Conquer,
they each have a unique color scheme and unique details that I find appealing.

find that the mosaic of the empress is my favorite out of the three I have
selected. The mosaic seems textured in design, the gold and green background is
a wonderous collaboration I never would have thought to use. In my opinion the
complete mashing of other colors against this background would normally be
atrocious, though this mosaic uses the colors quite well. The detailing of the
jewelry, clothing, and other objects, such as the fountain, are also quite
elegant in my opinion. Something else I enjoy was that Theodora was depicted as
Justinian was with a halo, not only showing she was an equal in the eyes of
religion but also the fact that she was respected on the same level them
Emperor was.

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Emperor Justinian and Courtiers is my second favorite for most of
the same reasons except I feel there is more detailing to be found. For one the
Emperor’s shoes are a vibrant red, and different from everyone else, I assume
this is because he is the Emperor. The shield in the mosaic is also detailed
interestingly with the PX symbol that was used for Christianity in areas at the
time of the Byzantine Empire. Justinian’s robes are also very interesting to me
with the deep black color mixes with the gold layering and designs.

it is not my favorite I must say that By
This Sign You Shall Conquer is the most detailed. The colors used in the
tents and armor being worn is extravagant, especially in the collision of
silver and gold on the medium.  I greatly
enjoy how the sky is darkened as well so that the cross and angels are
delivering the guiding light. Something else I like is the soldiers, one has an
animal fur on his head, a portion of them have detailed curls with their hair,
and the helmets have a decent amount of detailing on them, even at a bit of a
distance. This amount of detail in a heavily populated piece can be left out,
but the amount done shows the artist’s skill and capability.


1.      What
were your least favorite artworks? Why?

least favorite artworks would be the two images we looked at in the Eastern
Orthodox style of Christ Pantocrator. Growing
up I was influenced more by Baptist and Catholic teachings of Christianity,
thus the images done by the Eastern Orthodox are an opposite of what I am used
to in color, detailing, and style.

I do not mind the color so much in
the Christ Pantocrator artwork we
looked at of Jesus holding a bible open, they are a nice contrast of gold and
blue, even if his hair color is slightly to gold for my liking. The other
artwork with the bible closed is atrocious to me though, it seems dull and devoid
of warmth. In my opinion the black robes contrast too, much to the background
for it to be a picture of Jesus, one could almost compare it a picture of
Russian mystic Rasputin. To me, the artwork just seems quite devoid of life, I
imagine it looked better when it was first painted, though the dark undertone
of this specific artwork, in my opinion, would need much more color to not seem

detailing in both artworks are somewhat unsettling for me as well. In my
opinion the darker artwork, is somewhat strange in the detailing of the hands
and face, his finger is bent in a strange way to look almost broken. The facial
hair in both are something I am not fond of either, to me they do not seem to
belong very well in a portrait of Jesus. I also feel that the neck lines on
both pieces are strange, as the brighter piece he looks to have an indention in
his neck or collarbone. The darker one seems to have a wrap or scarf of some
kind around his neck, and if it is not a wrapping of some sort the lines make
the design very inadequate in my opinion.

find the styling to be difficult to overlook as well, I do not hate it, but as
I stated it’s not anything near what I am used to. The humanistic form depicted
in these artworks seem almost condensed horizontally compared to a normal human
of today’s standard. I do somewhat understand the point that the Eastern
Orthodox style brings, in which Jesus a bit more critical of mistakes, it’s
just different and would take time for me to get used to, even if I don’t enjoy
it currently.


2.      What
do you think of online classes versus face to face or hybrid?

my opinion on online classes is that they are just as good if not better than
hybrid or face to face classes due to the timing, place, and money differences
between the three types of classes.

is my first online class to date, and so far, I am enjoying it exponentially
more than any of the other humanities classes I have taken face to face. For me
taking an online class became a necessity with my need to take more classes to
hold thirteen credit hours while also working at least thirty-two hours a week.
This online class is nice because it fits into my schedule where I need it to
and does not stress me out with strict restrictions on when I can do classwork.
Any hybrid or face to face class I have taken has always been exhausting as I
typically did them after work or at extremely early or late in the day. Time is
also an extreme of mine, I always plan my days down to minutes and when a face
to face or hybrid class can run over that allotted time slot, I become
distraught in anxiety for being late for something else.

able to take this class in the comfort of my home as compared to a classroom
shared by many different people is also wonderful. I find social anxiety to be
a slight issue for me so having to sit near other people while conversing
between them is somewhat stressful, with an online class this is not a problem.
One downside I see is that to some an online class can lead to people
forgetting about it and just not doing it because it has less structure due to
not having to leave your house, thus one must be punctual and diligent in their
work to pass the class.

      Taking an online class can also help save
money for some, I do not have to use my car to go to a place and take this
course so I save money on gas. Food is another thing because normally I set my
classes up so when I go to school I must be there for hours at a time, this led
me to develop a bad habit of going out to eat at least 7 times a week, and this
was very costly until I recently got a handle on it again. Thankfully
now that I am taking this class I typically don’t have to be at school for that
long period of time and can eat at home, thus saving money overall.

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