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While several companies are trying to make a breakthrough in the smart watch market, Pebble keeps things simple and enjoyable for people like me who prefer simplicity over anything else. I say hello to Pebble Time Smartwatch, a very simple smart watch and probably one of the cheapest on this list.The opening of the box surprised me in the middle, the clock was simply inserted into the box and looked very minimalist. It is available with rubber strap or steel strap for those wishing to have a choice. The watch I have comes with the steel strap, and I have to say it looks premium for the price.Pebble Time Smartwatch has a permanently lit color reflector screen that looks good enough, but is on the darker side when you look at it in direct sunlight. It also has water resistance, which allows you to wear the watch even in rain or rain.I am pleased to say that the watch also has a good battery time, it lasted me 4 days. However, I must point out that the use has not been constant since I loaded the watch in days, but I have never loaded it to the maximum. However, it is obvious that the battery time is good.The watch also has on-board storage that can store a large number of favorite applications compatible with the clock’s operating system. While I do not care about a clock without built-in memory, having this function is a good thing. Obviously, with all the storage space, you can store what you want in the watch and load it with the applications.Another interesting thing I like about this watch is that it can support quadrants created for both Android and iOS. Which means you will never miss the faces when it comes to customizing the watch as you like. Even the most compatible applications are free.However, there are some things I do not like on Pebble Time; fitness trackers are there along with all the sensors; the applications they use seem very rough. The screen is also a bit dark in broad daylight and becomes difficult to read.Another concern I have to raise is that, despite the fact that there are countless quadrants and applications, quality is a mix. You can find some really incredible apps and see faces right next to some really bad guys and sometimes lots of bad guys at the same time.Finally, my biggest problem with the smart watch is related to the fact that it has no touch screen. This makes navigation a bit difficult for me, especially when I just want to do things.In conclusion, the Pebble Time smart watch is a great option for people looking for the best smart watch for less than $ 100. It’s cheap, looks simple, has many features and a long battery life. Some minor inconveniences may not contain a candle against the clock.

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