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While some people might disagree, language
changes from time to time through syntax, meanings of words, slang, and sound
(Watts, 2011). John McWhorter debunks the “pure” standard English myth by
eschewing politically relevant arguments and controversial positions. Moreover,
Watts (2011) demonstrates regional accents and speech patterns, McWhorter
suggests why people should embrace such changes, which reveals the American
English in its power, expressiveness, and variety.

The author John McWhorter disagreement is
justly intricated. Firstly, he contends that languages/dialects share their individual
inner reasons and grammar and are consequently not ‘incorrect’ but somewhat
different descendants of the identical deceased language. McWhorter also displays
how several prejudices against persons who speak different dialects are traditionally
and ethnically deep-rooted but defended as being grounded in intelligence.
Lastly, he demonstrations how supporters of “Black English” as a bilingual teaching
program are unwise, as numerous individuals who speak “Black English” hear
standard English during their lives and can adjustment easily, taking into consideration
that they are trained in an atmosphere that does not demean or imitate their normal
dialogue, (McWhorter, 2007).

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The Chaucer’s language, Middle English,
neither means a bastardized Old English nor a decayed Old English. In that, the
Middle English was a different English, which resulted from the gradual Old
English transformation. The Old English speakers can barely percept this
gradual change, although the present people can note by analyzing texts over
time. On the same note, Jane Austen’s language, Modern English is not
translated Middle English, but a new version. 
John McWhorter, (Watts, 2011), reasons out in such a manner as he
debunks the English myth.

In McWhorter’s reasoning, the most relevant
analogy that people should keep in mind implies that a language resembles a
lava lamp (Watts, 2011). In this case, the lava gradually falls and chumps and
rises and swirls in its state in a mesmerizing and eternal flow. Though it is a
constant change, in no sense is a lava clump decaying. Similar to English,
McWhorter adds that as one piece starts dripping or splitting into strands, one
can have certainty that within the place, different pieces are uniting together
(Watts, 2011). In other words, at whichever point, people do not see the current
structure of the clump of lava that resembles an advanced clump than the
earlier observed, some minutes ago. In this case, he states that, like in
English, the joy is the gradual changes that a clump might take.


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