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Whereby on the other hand,
Postmodernity is a wide backlash to modernity. Postmodernism was originally a
movement reacting to modernism in art and modernism in architecture,
postmodernism criticism of the modernism world has outspread to every
department in academia. It is known that postmodernists in sociology have concentrated
their critique on modernity along the factors of its economic order, assumptions,
institutions and culture. Postmodernists theorists believe that modernity has
ended and that we are in the era of postmodernity (Giddens, 1990).

The term modernity is a social
phenomenon created by sociologists to describe the modern” period which began
in Europe and America society from the early part of the twentieth century
onwards. Modernity is driven by political and economic productions – Capitalism
– that structured the life of everyone within it due to the fact that social
class was the main reason for social division. Marx, a modernist, normatively studied
its progressive movements. Modernity was the model of social development which
represented the replacement of traditional values. People would start obtaining
their knowledge from science instead of religious faith to describe the world.
For example natural disasters that would occur such as floods, tornadoes and
hurricanes used to be seen as ‘ an act of God’ but now modernity has gravitated
people towards looking at situations that occur scientifically.

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In the Course of my essay
I will distinguish the two theoretical studies: Postmodernism and Modernism. I
aim to examine the key themes associated with postmodernism and modernism.
There are many competing theorists that debate on whether our society is more
of a postmodern world or modern world. Therefore, I will then progress to then
examine key theorists such as Jean-Francois Lyotard, Jean Baudrillard,
Friedrich Nietzsche, Walter Benjamin and Guy Debord ideas’. I will reflect on
them more broadly to see if it is applicable to our contemporary society, I
intend to seek whether their ideas contribute relevance towards our
contemporary society, this will also be shown through focussing on current
events that have taken place recently. This will hopefully implement me to come
to a conclusion to decide which philosophical system (postmodernism and
modernism) applies to our contemporary society and if it is still relevant.

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