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Whenever you decided to take a step
forward and visit a Crossfit box, you may have thought all of them are similar,
same equipment, same coaches, same everything. Several characteristics make a
difference and should be considered to make a box your favorite community
place, either if you are a Crossfit box owner or a new customer.

Nowadays, you may find a Crossfit box
in every corner, as it is one of the most competitive sports but also a very
competitive business so, the added value you will get from it will make you
identify and embrace yourself with the place.

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Each box has its unique essence based
on the culture Crossfit implies. But the staff training and support, your
workout partners and the venue will encourage you to give your best or give up

We are not talking about a highly
technological, super luxurious place but a somewhere you feel comfortable
enough to train for hours if you have been out for a while to come back to the
same place.



Coaches and box owners service is
highly valuable and critical in making a box distinct. From a client that does
not know a thing about Crossfit to the one that brings their programming,
everyone should get cared for prudently.

An initiating client must be
confident that their fitness levels will be reasonably scaled to reach their
goals, either if they are conditioning, losing weight or just there to be

On the other hand, an experienced
athlete will feel accounted by training in an open box that provides the
necessary space and questions answered if required.

It is also essential the coaches are
well-trained and know how to make informed decisions about scaling and
technique corrections. One could fall in the mistake of thinking Crossfit
programming is entirely random, but on the contrary, it is thought ahead weeks
or months before, that is why workouts need to account different areas. Working
same muscles over and over again could lead to a severe injury.



Although boxes are not known for
having the neatest people, feeling in a dirty place will not make anyone
comfortable. A box with clean bathrooms, showers and  convenient space to change up too, is
necessary to keep clients satisfied.

There are those kinds of boxes which
clean after each wod and those that only clean just once a day, but finding a
good balance cleanliness-cost in between will satisfy both the owners and the

Also, it is a good idea to assign
duties and encourage clients to keep the place ordered and clean. It is not
pleasant to find yourself using a sweaty AbMat or GDH.



It is great to hit a box that despite
being full with people, will ensure you have the required equipment for
training and not just that, but also sitting pretty.

A right amount of quality equipment
will save you maintenance hassles in the future and will survive despite that
high amount of beating it gets.

Don’t also forget the cardio
equipment, rowers, bikes, ski-ergs, etc. that will satisfy the programming
variety which will keep clients happy.

In this point too, clients should be
encouraged to take care of the equipment as nobody wants an increase in their
fee to change the equipment regularly.


There are all types of questions you
should ask yourself whenever you are looking for a Crossfit gym, or if you own
one, ask yourself which points add real value, so your regular and new clients
stick with you.

Remember clients always look for a
place to stay comfortable and as a community.


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