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Europeans first came to the New World they were coming in search of land and new
riches. The Europeans did not however account for the Native Americans already settled
there and therefore led to a clash between the cultures. Some of the clashes
between the two cultures include land, religion, disease, and slavery.

One of the main clashes these two groups
of people had was over land and how it was used. The Spanish believed that land
is owned by an individual and they can use it for whatever that person desires.
The Spanish viewed how much land a man owned as a sort of social status or how
much money he had. Owning land showed not only how wealthy a man was but also
how much political power/influence he had. Many people in England at the time
were poor so, the government offered the people of England free land if they
would risk the journey across the Atlantic to the Americas. For many Spaniard
it was like a dream come true a chance to make a living and the possibility to become
part of the elite class.  On the other
hand the Native Americans viewed the land as communal for anyone to use, not to
be claimed and sold for individual use. They viewed the land as spiritual, for
anyone to use, but not to own. Although the Native Americans were not settled across
the land they still would utilize all of it. The Europeans view was that if you’re
not there than it’s up for grabs. The difference in viewpoints over land was
one of the main clash of cultures these two sides had.

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 The second clash would be when the cultures meet,
on the subject of religion. The English settlers believed in the Christian
faith, in the belief of one true God. The English believed that everyone should
believe in the one true God, and they were shocked when they found out that the
Native Americans were fine with their polytheistic spiritual religion. The
English quickly began to distrust the Native Americans due to their lack in the
Christian faith. The Native Americans believed in the spirits and that everything
in the universe depends on one another. They also recognized the creators in everyday
life. The Native Americans put their beliefs in the aspects of nature.  Whether it be anything from the grass to the
moon. The English could not grasp the concept of why they believed the way they
did and in turn started to view the Native Americans as evil because they did
not believe in the Christian God. Along with many of the Europeans, the English
Colonists tried to convert the Native Americans to the Christian faith. They
quickly found out they would not be able to convert the Native Americans and
quickly began the clash of cultures between the two civilizations.

last major clash between the Native Americans and the Europeans was the spread
of disease and enslavement. Europeans would bring diseases on boats to the New
World such as smallpox’s and that was completely foreign to the Native American’s.
Native Americans had no immunity to this disease and would often kill off whole
tribes of Native American’s. Small pox is just one example of a disease that
the Europeans bought over, many other diseases were transported by the
Europeans that would cause devastation to the Native American civilization. On
top of the diseases, the Native Americans were conquered and enslaved on the
land they called their home. The Spaniards were best known for this. Although slavery
is not new to the Americas, the Aztecs in Mexico also enslaved fellow Native
Americans and the Spanish would come in and wipe them out with over-whelming
ease. The Europeans had weapons the Native Americans have never seen before
along with armor that would render there arrows useless. The Europeans also had
animals such as the horse the Native Americans have never seen before making the
conquer of the Native Americans brutal and swift. Enslavement and disease
played a key role in the clash of cultures between the Native Americans and the

Many European countries at this
point in time were trying to find new ways to become richer, and they happened
to run into a whole untapped country, the Americas. When looking at colonies in
the New World we look at three major European powers: the English, the French,
and the Spaniards.

 As the English migrated West, they sent out
Royal Charters all along the East Coast of the Americas all the way up to the
Mississippi River in search of land and riches. Most of the English population
that was sent to the New World were traders, farmers, artisans, along with
other middle class citizens. The English were coming over by the thousands,
they would quickly start to outnumber many of the Native American groups along
with some of the other countries who were also settling in the Americas. England
allowed the Parliament to establish their own government: come up with taxes as
long as it did not go against the crown. The English would also come to the New
World to practice “religious freedom” or Christian Independence as the people
of England would view it. In New England is where the Puritans settled and they
were strict about what religion you were. In New England there was not
religious tolerance whatsoever. In the middle colonies however they were more
acceptant on who was allowed to settle there. The middle colonies had some
religious freedom, they would not persecute you if you did not follow the
Christian faith. The English had major economic success in the areas of
fishing, farming, and trading. The middle colonies were the major economic
colonies due to the farms they had there. In the Southern Colonies, they had
plantations and grew mainly tobacco and rice.

            When the French came over to the New
World they settled mainly in Canada. The French started setting up trading
posts and would trade with the Native American tribes. The French first settled
in Canada but would eventually utilized the Mississippi river and go as far
south as Louisiana. The first of the French people to arrive in the New world
were the merchants, traders, and missionaries. Later on, the French would be
one of the first European powers to have a military presence in to the colonies
the French have set up in the New World. The French government in the New World
was completely governed by the king of France, nothing would happen in
government unless it was run by the king in France. The French were heavily
Catholic and wanted to spread their religion to the local Native American
tribes. The fur trade was the French’s main source of economic success. The
French also encouraged farming efforts as well but many plantations along the
Mississippi River valley failed.

            The Spanish were the first to
arrive, the crown in Spain sponsored conquests in order to bring back glory and
riches to Spain. The Spanish settled mainly in the South and Southwestern
regions along with a few sections of California. The first of the Spanish
population to arrive in the New world were the traders, conquistadors, farmers,
and soldiers. The government set up by the Spanish in the new world was
governed by the crown who would in turn appoint viceroys or governors to look
over the territory in the Americas. The Viceroys and governors had little power
as most of the real government power was held by the king in Spain. The
religion set up in the New World by the Spanish was the Catholic Church.
Settlers were restricted to Christianity, all of the Protestants were driven
out of Spanish territory. The Spanish also hoped to spread Christianity to the
Native American tribes around where they settled. The Spanish economy was also
based on trade and farming, however farming was more successful in the West.
The commerce of the Spanish was controlled by a board of trade, with
regulations strictly enforced by the Spanish government.

            Earth is becoming overpopulated and
we need new places to live. Mars would be a valid option because there is a ton
of unclaimed land and resources that are just waiting for someone to take. The important
parts of colonizing mars are: acceptance with open arms, a strong military a strong
economy, and opportunity.

            The colony on Mars will be accepting
people with open arms from earth to be able to come and settle in the colony.
From the farmers of earth to the future Bill Gates from mars everyone will have
an opportunity to be able to move to my colony. It is important to have people
from all social classes in order for a society to function correctly. Without
the farmers and other small industries there would be no opportunity for the
rich upper class to become so financially successful. Also, the bigger the
numbers you have in your colony the more influence you will have if you run
into other groups living on Mars. The colony would want to live at peace and
respect the groups already living there. But if they attack the colony we will
have to use our military force to keep them from harming our citizens.

            There is an overpopulation problem occurring
on the Earth, and it is only growing. The colony on Mars will help the
overpopulation problem that is occurring on earth. Also, earth is running out of
or resources. Colonizing on a whole new planet with no known life on it will
increase the potential to gain riches in. Overpopulation on earth will, in the
future, leave earth with a housing problem. The colony on Mars will provide new
land and space for people to live.  It
will provide new opportunities for people to come and find new jobs and have a
chance to live a wealthier elitist life. The colony will not accept any
convicts or prisoners. The colony is a place of respect and honesty and prisoners
would be hard to incorporate into that kind of society. The new resources will
also help boost my economy, being able to mine new resources that haven’t been
touched before will in turn make the colony rich. The resource expeditions will
be funded by billionaires on earth who have interest in investing in the mining
we will be doing in my colony. 

            The colonies economy will be solely
based around mining for resources and trading thoseand live for free if they
will work in the mines and contribute to the colonies economic success. My
colony rewards people who come and work in the mining business by giving the
free land to live on when they arrive here, a piece of the stocks in the mining
business, and the opportunity to become apart of the elitist class of society.
By praising this kind of lifestyle this grooms the people of the colony to grow
up and want the best for the colony. The colony will also support small businesses
that will try and make a living for themselves because small business is
important to not just the economy but to everyday life. We will have land set
aside for the farmers and other essential workers to make sure our economy
stays strong.

            It is a necessity that the colony
would have a strong standing military. It would be a top priority in the colony
that it will have assembled a strong,  big military. It is one of the top priorities
to protect the citizens living within my colony. If there are any other groups
settled on Mars that seek to do the colony harm there needs to be a standing
military ready to defend the people. If there is land that needs military
presence to protect valuable resources it will need to have a military presence
ready to take control of the land. Military I believe is the most important
thing to have when looking at a colony, without a military there is no one to
protect the territory that the colony has claimed as their own and anyone would
be able to just come in and take the territory that the colony has claimed. 

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