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When using the
different methods that are used in angular measurement, there are usually
always errors in the accuracy of results. Efficient devices such as transits or
theodolites have been developed to rectify the error in magnetic compasses. The
theodolite utilizes a telescope for spotting distant objects, bubble levels for
ensuring that the angles are accurate, and two measurement wheels for
determining the vertical and horizontal angles. Transits are less complicated
than the theodolite although the components are fundamentally similar.
Although, there is a correlation with the distance between the instrument and
the target point. As the distance increases, the readings will become less

        Another method of angular measurement
is by using a total station which comprises electronic distance and angular
measuring techniques of the theodolite in a single unit. For measuring the intersection lines of sight, the vertical and horizontal
positions can be determined based on the control networks. The position of a
point about two axes gives the horizontal location. They are the prime meridian
and the equator lines which are also equivalent to the x and y coordinates on a
Cartesian plane.

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          Measurements in a surveying operation
are typically done in positional series. Beginning from control points, the
surveyors utilize the trigonometric ratios to determine the locations of
positions within the Cartesian axes. The errors that arise from the operation
are quantified by adding up the sum of the interior angles obtained from the
polygon formed on the plane. Since it is not possible to know the accuracy of
just a single angle, the traverse can be evaluated in its entirety to
distribute the errors across all the interior angles.

          Triangulation is also a method of
angular measurement. It involves the use of a more equipped theodolite to
measure the horizontal sight distances electronically. As the name suggests,
triangulation measures the three inner angles of a triangle and the length of
one of the side. After that, trigonometric rules are applied to determine the
dimensions of the remaining distances.

           One last method that is similar to
triangulation is trilateration. The procedure determines the positions of
points by using distances alone. It is relatively more straightforward to
perform since it is inexpensive and uses fewer tools. It eschews the angle
measurements and uses the trigonometric principle to d    

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