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When I started to
attend college, I did not know what major to pursue. In one of my classes, a diligent
teacher noticed that I am good at helping other students and explaining things
in a clear and patient way. She encouraged me to become a teacher. Thus, I majored
in education. During my first summer vacation from college, I went to Guatemala
and worked as teacher’s assistant at a school. I realized that the student
there were not receiving the kind of education they deserve. I made a vow to
remedy that by opening up my own school in this area one day. Sylwester argues
that teachers “are responsible for the quality of student school experiences. It
is our job to make sure that schools experiences enhance the development of a
student’s brain” (as cited in Sullo, 2013, p. 107).  A teacher and my experience as a volunteer in
Guatemala made an impact in my life. Therefore, I discovered my
purpose in life and that was to become a teacher. My hope is to make positive impacts on student’s
lives. As
a practitioner, I believe I must establish and maintain a safe, positive,
caring, nurturing atmosphere, in which all student can be successful,
regardless of ability, cultural or family background. I currently teach high
school students at Morse High School. This center of education opened its doors
to the public in 1962. Morse High School currently serves 1819 students from
9th to 12th grade. In summary, I teach because a teacher noticed that I would
make a good teacher. It turned out that she was right. Teaching gives me great
joy. I love watching my
students open, grow and become more mature, more able, more competent, and more
knowledgeable in the world. I teach in the hope of making the world a better
place for future generations. I also, have the
desire to help less fortunate people. The fact that I have two wonderful
children has increased my love of the profession. I
am convinced of the value of education and the interest in young people will help
any teacher become a good, successful, motivated, satisfied and an inspired

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