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When it comes to abortion there is
always much hostility when discussing the topic. Abortion is the deliberate
termination of a human pregnancy. This procedure often done when 28 weeks
pregnant. Many people
consider abortion to be cruel and an act of murder. Although some will advocate
for abortions, those who have religious beliefs will say that no one but God has
the right to take someone’s life. Those who support abortion do not consider an
unborn child a human that should be protected. The issue of abortion is very
difficult when determining if it’s right or wrong. Therefore, I am
going to give my philosophical argument from the “pro-life” perspective.

There is so much pressure and such little
understanding on the topic because everyone has different opinions. The
“pro-choice” sides main focus is women’s rights while on the “pro-life” side
they always include the other person being involved in the situation. Everyone
can agree that a women have total control over what they want to do with their
bodies. It necessary to know if another person is involved or is not before
they go on talking about women’s rights. The premises are pretty simple, one of
them is from a natural value and the other is from natural science point of view.

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The premise on natural value is based
on the privilege to live in light of the fact that they are human. Most people
who are pro-abortion will disagree with this premise in debates. People will refuse
to admit the universal values and then will argue that the values are

The premise that is based on natural
science is the life of an individual human when being originated. The way
science is portrayed now makes it more difficult to advocate that a fetus is
not a human and seeing that from the moment that it is fertilized it
automatically has human DNA, so the issue centers on the person’s individuality.
If a human is only a person when neurologically operating as a human, so then
by the same argument if you can kill a fetus then it would be acceptable to
kill people who are in deep sleep, comas, or are mentally handicapped. Other
arguments that are able to be brought up are by location and viability.
Therefore, the only time that we can argue that a fetus can be considered a
human is when it’s being concepted.

The most fascinating argument for
abortion is not accepting the fact that the fetus is a person. So if one person
can do this absolutely, than abortion isn’t wrong. If a person doesn’t follow
along with the premise above, I would like them to consider a problem that
requires to choose among four alternatives. We start with two new premises: the
fetus is or is not a person, and either we know or we don’t know that it is a
person. So then we end up with four results.

In the main case, the fetus is a person
and we know it, so abortion is the murdering of a an innocent human being. In regards
to this case, premature birth is taken a look at as murder and therefore it
isn’t right. On the other hand, if the fetus is a person, and we don’t know it,
then abortion is killing a person accidentally and is considered manslaughter. Regardless
of whether the fetus is not a person, and we don’t know it, premature birth still
goes as though it were criminal carelessness. Without any confidence that the
fetus is not a person, causing harm to its possible personhood is morally defenseless.
Only in the concluding case, if the fetus is not a person and we know it for
sure, abortion is ethically acceptable.

Therefore, if we aren’t able to demonstrate
or refute the dignitary of the fetus, the best argument that is for
pro-abortion becomes the strongest philosophical defense towards the pro-life
position. Abortion is only permitted if the fetus is not a person. Individuals that
are pro-life believe that the fetus is a human and therefore abortion shouldn’t
be allowed. Those who are doubtful towards this point shouldn’t be encouraging
abortion. Overall, those who think they know without a doubt that a fetus is
not a human should engage in important communication instead of misbehaving,
calling names, and causing problems. 

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