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When one struggles with faith perhaps it may be because of the life experiences that one has had to endure. In the story of “Night” by Elie Wiesel, it has been imagined over an over again how easy it is to lose your faith and then regain it to lose it again. In chapter one, Eliezer was a young boy around the age of 12 years old, who was very curious in learning about a religion his father did not teach or encourage. Eliezer was such an adamant kid until he sought the help for himself to learn about what he had been curious to know. Moishe the Beadle is the man that Eliezer stumbled into, who was going to teach him what he had been seeking. Even though Eliezer’s father did not approve of this religion, that did not stop him from getting the knowledge he so longed for. The religion was called Kabbalah which was an ancient Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible. Later, all the Jews were about to be surprised with fear of what was getting ready to take place. However, they never saw it coming, the imprisonment that was soon about to happen to them. I began in chapter one when the Jews were flushed out of their home and forced on a train that traveled to Birkenau which was a concentration camp in Poland. Here is where it all unfolds, this was the place where Eliezer and his father’s faith would be tested. They had no idea what was about to happen and what they were going to experience for a period of 4-5 years. That was such a long time to endure such cruelty as these men were about to go through. Upon arrival at Auschwitz concentration camp, Eliezer and all the other Jews quickly learned that their day was turning into night. From that point on they did not know the length of time, this cruelty would go on. In this camp, they saw smoke coming from chimney’s and ditches being dug by inmates. Now reality is setting in as they learned that death for them was near, they were either going to be burned to a crisp or kept to work as slaves. Eliezer’s faith was on the edge as they began approaching the pit of fire to be burned when he started to think to himself that God could not be real and if he was how could he allow such cruelty to take place and happen to innocent people. In the midst, of the wait to the pit, Eliezer’s father began to pray and Eliezer began to feel rebellion against God for not saving them from destruction. If Eliezer would have understood Kabbalah in extent then he would have been able to discern Madame Schachter’s screaming. She was having a vision of what was going to happen to the Jews once the arrived in Poland. She kept seeing fire and knew that it was bad but everyone on the train just thought she was crazy and beat her. If only they all had listened then maybe they could have overthrown the train to escape. Instead, no one listened. After the multiple experiences of harm and cruelty, Eliezer became numb toward what he once believed in which was a true God who loves his children. Eliezer could no longer see God as good and caring. But at some point, he began to regain his faith by praying and the first test happened when he and his dad escaped the pit of death. Who would not have taken the other route than to be burned to death? In all of this God still showed them his mercy and love because it would all soon be over. Sometimes, we have to go through the storms of life to appreciate the green pasture on the other side.

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