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Whenthe researcher asked the Respondent, what do you think of using Automation in work?He replied that, using automation or AI in work is a brilliant idea, the futureneed of the industry is the exact of making the business more profitable with alow cost involved. Because of the competitive nature in the business, andbecause of many small business firm, the level of competitiveness and thegrowth and accuracy getting higher and higher. This increases the level ofcompetitiveness in the company to the greater height. When the trainee askedthe respondent about the Advantage of automation, He replied that, theadvantage of the automation is, it reduces the fatigue of the employees, whenautomation is implied the employee will be given additional responsibility.

This happens regularly in this plant, when a process is automated, the personwho is handling one particular process will be given extra responsibility totake care of other process also. This could be more effective work because themachine will be doing multiple jobs and the person have to take care of it.This gives duel advantage of more production in less time. Another advantage ofthe Automation is the accuracy of the product produced.

The quality of theproduct increases by maintaining it in a high standard, this gives less numberof defect in the product produced.Whenhe answered for the reduction of man power, He said that, Automation reduceshuman effort, and the man power is managed when the automation is implied inthe organisation. He said that, they will not mostly retrench or send outpeople when in some circumstances of process is automated or any other problemarises pertaining to man power reduction. They will try maximum to retain theemployees. For example, when a process is Automated, a set of employees will betaken away because the machine will be doing all the work, in that case theemployees who were taken away will be given some other work or transferred tosome other process.

The retrenchment or sending out will be the last stage whenthe employee has very low ratings, not very good in process, very low skill setwill be sent away from the organisation.Forthe question of the Man-Machine interaction, he replied that, the interactionof Man and Machine is an advantage for both the aspect because one hasnullified the effect of other. There are two aspects of having advantages, oneis when automation is implied, employee have to work less comparing to themanual work, because when he works on the same process manually, he must haveto put more effort to get the thing done. This makes him to do more physicalwork. Consider if a person is working in a multispindler machine, he just needtake care of the loading the bar or the raw material. This shows the reductionof the work from the employee end. On the other hand, this also reduces cost tocompany, because it involves only few man power.TheAutomated machine produces more than the normal manual work.

This also have twodifferent advantages. The Automated machine produces more products than compareto the manual work, which an employee does. When more products are produced, itwill eventually benefit the organisation.

It is when the products are producedit will be sent out in given period of time. This can also be adjusted to givemore products, however this speed also have limitations. In addition to thisQuantity, the Automation also gives high quality for the products. When anemployee work on a product, he will put his effort in making it, however it ismade by an human, this may have some deviations in it. It is impossible toproduce product with consistent quality. When a machine produces a product, itwill give the product consistently and which will hardly come for defect, whichis very minute.

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