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When recalling the grisly incident of December 2012 gangrape, I still feel livid about the heinous crime.

 ‘Nirbhaya’ has now become a yardstick to measure the level of ferocity of the crime. In ‘Nirbhaya’ case, later the Supreme Court sentenced four of the accused to death, while fifth committed suicide and sixth was Juvenile convict. This instance was described as the “rarest of the rare” incident. Recently two minor Dalit girls were raped in Haryana and were later killed. In this incident, a 15-year old girl was sexually assaulted and her private parts was mutilated and the other victim, an 11-year old girl, found dead in a village in Panipat district.

One more case I want to highlight where a video of a man raping a woman in public in broad daylight was captured in Visakhapatnam which went viral last year in October 2017.It was a horrifying and yet a shameful incident. Usually we think that wandering alone at night may lead to such incidents but what about this brutal act which was done in daylight and that too on a busy walkaway. Are those people being blind who didn’t even bother to intervene? Instead, they walk by and chose to ignore the crime. I can’t even describe how obnoxious and shameful it felt to read about these types of incidents. The purpose is neither to highlight these rape cases nor is it to say that the rape cases should be ignored but through this I want to convey the attitude of our society. Seeing a woman getting raped and despite of it, you are seen unaffected by it. Does that really depict humanity in us? We humans are gifted by certain emotions like sad, shock, sorrow and many more but the only emotion that was portrayed through the Visakhapatnam event was of fright and terror.

We humans sometimes get afraid in these cases and therefore we don’t help someone who is in dire need. We don’t want our self to be involved in such cases and against putting our lives to get affected for someone else. I agree that it is not an easy step to put forward your leg into such traps but believe me one single step of yours may have a huge impact and can give justice to the victim. In this case also, the man who filmed the video had the opportunity to prevent the crime but due to such reasons no one came forward. Sometimes people also blame the victims and comment on the way she carries herself. We have politicians name too who play ‘blame victim’ game but this is not a solution for the felony. Government alone cannot stop such rape cases. Well, we as a human must think of taking initiatives by teaching our children in a right way by enlighten them about morals and values.

While addressing my views on this issue, I also want to elucidate that I’m not targeting all men, neither I’m saying that all men are rapist as men are also victims. Instead of it, we should focus on those who rape or are culprit in such crimes. In these cases, serious attention should be paid in order to address the complaint and instead of blaming the victim, we should emphasize on how to minimize these disgraceful crimes.

We need to start realising our power by helping the victim and by calling the police rather than standing and recording the spectacle. One such action of yours can save an innocent person’s life.

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