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When we see Mexico in images, we see it as a nice country with beautiful monuments and places to visit.

But truthy we were just blinded by it, we are not notified by the crimes and violence in the country itself. Mexico as many drug dealer’s organizations that are eventually the main causes of the beginning of the destruction of the country. After the ending of the agreement between Mexico and they United states for the trading of drug, and the government announcement of the drug war against the cartels ( drug organizations), the cartels are mad and they turn their head against the country itself.

People are claiming that Mexico as many homicides caused by the cartels, organization of drug entrepreneur. Many people ask themselves what is the impact of Mexican Mafia on the country itself. first, it increases the pourcentage of homicides in the country, second the political impact and finally decreasing of the economic of the country.

To begin with, the cartels have affected the civilians of Mexico as for the social impact on the country. Year after year it is getting worse, cartels have killed many residents and solders in Mexico. People are being terrified and paranoid buy this situation, they don’t want to go out of the house because there is no safety. They have been other 34000 innocent people who were extorted by force to sell drug or give money to the drug dealers, many of them were kidnapped, disappeared, tortured and forced to move from place to other. Mexico’s government have recorded 29,168 murders in 2017 which is higher than the homicide rate at peak of Mexico’s drug war in 2011, when there was 27,213. According to the New York Times and the Reuter, there had been 3,000 police officers and soldiers who died since 2006, which is equal to the number of coalition soldiers who have died in Afghanistan since 2001. Also, there are 5,000 people who have disappeared since 2006.

An additional to this fact, kids in school are being affected too, many kids under the age of 18 are being recruited by cartels, obligating them by harassing them. Or they will convince them, that they will gain a lot of money by selling drugs. In schools the rate of bullying is getting higher, students are encouraged by the violence that they see outside of the school, they imitate the cartels. Annie Murphy a reporter from the Jazeera new had reported that a 15 years old girl named Nancy is working for the narcotrafficking, ”Nancy says that she travels between cities and states alone by bus, that she works for local traffickers, two men and a woman who she met at a party, they give her the money.” Reported, reporter Annie Murphy. Furthermore, a 17-year-old youtuber known as The Pirate of Culiacan had insulted one of the dangerous drug lord in the state of Sinaloa had been found killed with between 15 and 18 bullets in a bar the day after the insulting. The government of Mexico state it as a murder caused by cartels. Therefore, the civilians are taking the blame of something they have nothing related to.

 Second, the government’s impact on the country is making the problems of the homicides in the Mexico increase. Felipe Calderon, the president of Mexico in 2006 declared war on cartels to end the violence and the drug trafficking. This action did not make any influence changes to the craze. The Mexican government have no authority on the black market of the cartel running between the United States and Mexico.

They are weak as government, they can’t ensure the safety of the inhabitants. referring to the declaration of the human rights proclaimed by the United Nation, in article 12, it informs you that everyone has the right of protection of the law against such interference or attack. Which says, the Mexican government is not providing any security or safety for any citizen. Also in Article 3 it says everyone has the right to life and security of person, which is the opposite of what is happening in Mexico, the citizens are living in fear because of the weak authorities of the government. Along with the political impact there is a distrust in the federal police. As example, in 2007, the public security minister Genaro Garcia Luna removed 284 federal police commissioners suspected of corruption.

Additional to this case, in 2014, 22 criminals were killed, the military claims they died in a dangerous firefight between cartels. There was countless evidence who were against this theory,7 soldiers were accused of homicides but unfortunately the case was thrown out because of lack of evidence from the federal police. This in an example of lack of information from the military. As a result of the political impact, the government can’t win or do anything against the cartels because the government is letting the, gain power, if the government defeat, Mexico will be controlled by cartels. Thirdly, there is the economic impact, people are immigrating to other countries because they don’t find security in their country itself, they let school and their employment in their country. Is there is no education in the country, there would not be jobs either.

Also, many territories are being taken by cartels for drug cultivation, this lets the agricultures leave their job forcibly.  Mexico is losing so much money because of the violence created it by the drug dealers.The “Mexico Peace Index,” released by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), calculates the economic impact of violence in Mexico at around C$154 billion (2.12 trillion pesos) in 2015.

The IEP calculated these dollars by estimating the cost of crimes such as homicide, violent crime such as assault and robbery, as well as organized crime, and violence containment by the government. It then included “direct costs” such as medical treatment; “indirect costs” such as lost productivity. The justice and military systems cost $32 billion dollars. The drug war stopped many civilians from working because they fear of  getting killed by going outside. To summarize, economic of the country was also affected the must because Mexico was reliable on the economical sector of the country who was high in number. In conclusion, the Mexican drug war is increasing everyday since the starting in 2006, if the government don’t change their tactic, it will reach the end of country. This war had a huge impact on many sectors on Mexico as for the social, political and economic impact.


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