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When back in
1948 the state of Isreal carved out as an independent nation and was in
immediate search of international recognition, the then Indian Prime-minister Nehru
remained hesitant, however at present the relationship between the two nations
is dignified with “marriage made in heaven.”An applauded Eco-political syncretism
has surfaced between Tel Aviv and Delhi, after Israeli Premier’s Netanyahu
recent visit to India to kick start their innovation and technological ties to
promote the mutual interest for good realtions. These relations are
predominantly the product of converging interests: both Israel and India are
fighting enemies confederated with radical Islam, both have had indulged in
bloodshed of Muslim neighbors, and both are developing democracies that carved
their independence few months apart from the same British colonial master.
Furthermore, a symbiotic alliance has developed — India’s free markets and
multifarious needs are irresistible to Israeli enterprises interested to do
business abroad, and India now endues Israel to dispense many of the technologies
it needs to cater its vast population.


The aura
between the two countries weren’t always so smooth, although India was never an
anti-Semitic society,but it took the state years to vanquish its aversion towards
the State of Israel, despite diplomatic relations acknowledge narrowly two
decades ago but that decision has pay up for New Delhi: Trade between the two
countries approximates to $5.5 billion annually excluding defense procurements,
and more importantly, Israel has showered India in the areas of technology,
agriculture, and medicine. India’s proliferated tech relationship with Israel hasn’t
gone unobserved and perhaps surprisingly, one country that has observed and may
look forward to imitate, it is Pakistan.

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During the past decades, Israel has stepped forward to
ameliorate its relationship with Asia as a whole, which is quite a revolution.
As Asia has emerged with eminence, Israel has expanded trade with almost every country in the region. A recent
report disclosed that  21% of Israel’s
exports went to Asian countries, compared to its 20% of exports that went to
the United States, between October 2011 and January 2012. The statistics depict,
the first time Israel’s  eastward  export surpassed those of the United states,
and as Asian countries are industrializing and expanding their economies, probably
that shift helps to strengthen with unprecedented implications. 


At present,
Israel has undergone to form a robust economic relationship with both the
giants of Asia- India and China. As China has begun to loosen state control
over some areas of the economy, Israeli companies have found to pave their way
to grab some good opportunities there. Despite China’s deregulation, the
government has still  heavily dipped
their fingers  in many aspects of
infrastructure, heavy industry, and agriculture. Beijing, is now realizing how
China can gain its maximum benefit from Israel’s latest technology and has
embraced it high-tech with a zeal by venturing with their enterprises in a vast
range of projects, such as Israel  has
undertaken to work on  the billion shekel
water technology project in China.


To the contrary, India has a long history of democracy,
and their agriculturist and business people have been in a liberty to engage in
business with Israeli companies, at least since the establishment of their diplomatic
relation. In past years, though, there was an evident disinclination amongst Indian to acknowledge
Israel, perhaps because of India’s strong economic bond with Arab countries,
which, until not too long ago, enforced a boycott of Israel that outlawed any
of their trading associates  from doing
business with Israeli enterprises. The fact that India has an extensive
territory, and occasionally restive, Muslim minority also tempered passion for
advancing relations with the Jewish state.


India, although,
has also begun to adopt Israeli technology in the fields from diamonds to
information technology to defence system to agriculture, despite diplomatic
correspondence with Jerusalem are usually still a bit rigid. Indian deputations
are now prominent in nearly every international high-tech display held in


The  international tech exhibitions have provided a
good  chance to Israeli and Indian tech executives
to convene at the Israel-India Technology Forum, to explore new technologies
that would be suitable for the Indian consumer and market. Among the attendees
are the officials of some of India’s biggest enterprises, such as Infosys, the
giant consulting company with yearly revenues of almost $7 billion.

 Many Indian executives have shown their keen interest
in Israeli technologies in the fields of Information and technology, more specifically
such as the Information security, internet, cloud computing,  cellular telephone applications and computerized
solutions for organizations as well as enhancing cooperation with Israeli


ventures could just  be beneficial and
have a multifarious function, which can easily apply to a host of fields,
including technologies, agriculture, water and medical technologies, environmental
technologies, and so on. It’s that recognition — the cognizance that Israel’s
technology can help to transform India’s almost one billion people live to
better lives — that has helped Indian business people and high government
officials leave behind their former reluctancy to incorporate business deals with


cost/benefit study that made India conquer its historic Israel-aversion is now
being embraced, at least to a bit extent, by the Islamic republic of Pakistan .
In recent months, countless articles and statements by Pakistani pundit and
scholars – and even political figures — have depicted a courageous attempt by appearing
on mainstream Pakistani talk shows to voice in support of country to follow
India’s example.


endorsing better relation, put forward their stance that Israel can help the country,
not only with computer science, agriculture, electronics, medicine, solar
energy and more, but more importantly, with its international relations. “The Jewish
community all around the world can help Pakistan to elevate its image as an emerging
friendly nation,” said an advocate of opening ties with Israel.


Certainly, part of the motivation seems to be a
step to surpass the hostile neighbor, or at least a desire to imitate India’s
economic advancement and join the league of advanced nations

“It’s time
to confront it,” says the founder of a Pakistan’s policy think tank. “We need a
 Pakistan with a secure and better future
in the coming world and moreover need to have strong bonds internationally. No
doubt, India is grabbing it all, whether it’s the Isreal, Russia, United states
and even our good old day’s friend China. It’s time for us to broaden our
horizon and be vigilant for what is in the best interest of Pakistan.”

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