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When I was reading the quote stated on the previous page, I started thinking for a while… “a recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe” (Thomas Keller, 2018). I found this a very interesting saying by Thomas Keller that really made me think for a while to answer the assignment question: “what is the necessity and importance of knowledge regarding Gastronomy” HTH, 2018). Knowledge can be defined as ‘the sum of what is known: the body of truth, information, and principles acquired by humankind’ (, 2018). But how does this relate to gastronomy?

Since the recent years, restaurant owners as well other food-supplying organizations have yet become the key-instrument to get the message across guests and consumers about the importance of knowing your products and ingredients used for cooking (, 2018). Having knowledge  about your resources has become a much more important aspect of our life since our society has become much more aware of the impact on the environment as well the human health. So linking back to to the quote of Thomas Keller, in order to bring soul within your recipe, knowledge is the foundation in order to steer your ship towards the right direction. 

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Gastronomy can be defined from fine dining experiences to specific studies of the chemical processes and manipulation of food. By integrating a learning component into what you do, almost any culinary career can be considered as a part of the larger ‘gastronomy umbrella’. Although being a chef or molecular gastronomist, people can also go beyond the kitchen and consider; Food science, cultural food studies, Culture, food, and human development, Food manufacturing, Health and nutrition, food writing/blogging as a culinary career. Therefore, in order to be successful in one of these parts of gastronomy, knowledge is the foundation in order to deliver a valuable outcome. 

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