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Wheel, boats, electricity, automobiles, planes, spaceships, wireless
information transfer: this evolution is determined by engineering. It would be
difficult to imagine a world without engineering. It is able to make what seems
impossible into a reality. Engineers consistently have triumphed over benefits to achieve the
most extraordinary structural and mechanical achievement. Leading engineers are
the creators of our future, they apply scientific principles to thousands of
projects with the aim of making life easier, their pioneering ingenuity has
played a significant role in the ever-changing face of technological
advancement. This inspired me to become an integral part of this fascinating
fast paced world by studying engineering at university.


 I like to challenge myself, and
see it as an opportunity to learn something new as it appeals to the more
intrepid side of my character. I have always been curious about the immense
intricacy of various mechanical structures like most engineers. My passion for
engineering stems from an inquisitive side that has fuelled many of my
interests, in particular I enjoy looking into the functioning system behind
many machines we use in our daily lives. For example when my computer broke down I would like to dismantle it
and figure out a way to make it function again in an attempt to repair it. Of
course I was unable to solve the problem, but this has built on my concern to
understanding the circuitry and chips embedded in the computer.

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My desire to study aerospace engineering stemmed from
travelling. After I have been visiting various technology related
places, a scope of engineering possibilities have been shown to me. Looking
back into my childhood, I always found myself interested in fixing machines. Puzzles
for older children and repair the family gadgets were my favourite
entertainment. Understanding the working process of machines from cattle to
spacecraft has always led to a unique experience of satisfying my interest. The
borders of my imagination about how far technology can go grew even more when I
attended my first Physics lesson in secondary school.


 I have a strong interest and ability in science and mathematics as
reflected by achieving A’s or A*’s on all my IGCSE exam papers. Moreover, I have
attained three certificates in the 3rd Annual International Mathematics
Modeling Challenge, which shows I have the academic mettle to handle this
demanding course. My passion for aerospace engineering was furthered during my
A-Level courses in Physics and Mathematics. These courses enabled me to gain a
fundamental understanding of the nature of engineering. I am confident that I
have the necessary academic background to be successful in the study of aerospace


Being the Vice-President of the St. Magdalene Social Work Club
requires strong leadership, as I joined the Social Work Club at the age of 14, I
have strong disciplined in my behavior and independent. Teachers always assign
me to complete important tasks because I am efficient and trustworthy. Outside
school, an early introduction to music was something I welcomed
enthusiastically. I started to play piano at the age of 5. Besides, I am a keen
swimmer and have an interest in yoga and meditations. Sporting interests have
allowed me to have a break from work whilst providing me with a healthy outlet
for my spare time.


Aeronautical engineers are at the forefront
of an ever-changing world of technology and I want to be a part of the new
technological developments that change the world for the better. I believe that I have the academic aptitude and
creativity that will be necessary for a course in engineering and I am looking
forwards to the challenges and opportunities that this degree course
will bring. My abilities and
experience would allow me to adapt to university life well and utilise my time
at university to become a part of the limitless world of engineering.




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