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What is drug/substance abuse and addiction? Drug abuse is an over usual usage of drugs. Drug addiction is an brain disease that causes the drug taker’s urge towards to taking that drug or substance. It is an relapsing disease that is hard to cure or bounce-back from depending on the amount and length of time taking that drug .

What I mean by relapsing is the turn back to the drug after trying to stop. Relapse needs a lot of medication and rehab. While taking the drug for a while, the brain gets used to the dopamine while is satisfaction. The brain’s “addiction” to dopamine makes a moment which is “high” which influences the reason why people take the drug again, again and again. It can be treated and controlled. In “Forged By Fire” Monique was addicted to cocaine which lead into the apartment getting on fire by little Gerald and her going to jail for Child Abandonment and Abuse. If someone is addicted to something they can go to therapy or rehab facilization and use treatment, but they should first talk to a medical professional.

They should also talk to a trusted adult for help as well. They would go to behavioral therapy to control their behavior without the drugs. The treatment is to stop using the drug, fully.

To also stay drug-free for the drug user’s entire life. To also be productive while doing activities. More treatments are detoxification, which is the process of taking all of the drugs out of the body. The person needs medication if the person abused or was addicted to opioid, tobacco or alcohol. For drug abuse they do the same treatment as drug addiction. Monique stopped doing drugs but when Jordan was in jail she had an addiction of alcohol and partying with friends. The statistics behind addiction is the estimated cost of drug abuse to society is $193 billion, in 2007. Out of that $193 billion, $113 million is crimes related to drugs, the cost of those actions.

Out of that $193 billion, it’s estimated that $14.6 billion is for treating drug abuse. 23.5 million people 12 and older, needed treatment for drug abuse and addiction in 2009. In 2008 there was 1.8 million people who paid for admission for drug abuse treatment. In 2014, 21.

5 adults fought with drug disorders. More than 7 million Americans fought drug usage disorders in 2014. Many funds help people like these but the best funds are Family Services, Vocational Services, Mental Health Services, Medical Services, Educational Services, HIV/AIDS Services and Legal Services. These treatments are assessment, evidence-based treatment, substance use monitoring, clinical case management, recovery support programs, and continuing care. These programs have many therapies and other services to help people with drug abuse and addiction issues. There is many places in each of these services around the world seeking to help people with whatever drug problem they need.

The best funds obviously have great therapies which helps many people. People get addicted to drugs for certain reasons while others don’t. One major factor is a person’s biology. Like a person’s genes, gender, ethnicity, and other reasons like disorders. A person’s genes impact a person’s risk of getting addicted to something. Another major factor is the person’s environment. A person’s family, friends, economic status, and general quality of life.

Like peer pressure from friends, abuse, exposure to drugs at an early age, stress, and parents. Last major factor is person’s development. Which is genetic and environmental factors.

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