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What application / program are used to request & view

Web browser it contain text,
images, sounds, animation, videos and hyperlinks to other web pages. Most web
pages are written using html, html5, xml and css.

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What is the main cable used to connect each computer to a network
switch and explain why this cable is commonly used inside an office?

Ethernet Cable is more secure to
use in an office because it very reliable no breaks in connection on 100 Mbps
fast, wired networks are not detectable by further wired networks. This means
there is no interference with the connection. At the same time, the network
nodes can still communicate with other nodes. Meaning no breaks I connection if
a problem is found, the node is disconnected from the rest of the network.
Wireless network connection not entirely secure, so it is vulnerable to
hacking. Even with the most secure system, someone can find a way to connect to
the network.



What type of network address do routers use to work out where to
send the webpage request

If numerous computers with local
addresses ( are connected to a router and each computer opens a
web browser and demands a page over HTTP, when these TCP: 80 packets are sent
out, the router switches the local address with the static IP of the router so
the server can answer to the appropriate address.


Name 6 different types of servers.

File server

Domain server

Database server

Communication server

Application server

Print server


What cables are used to send data over large distances at speed
over 10+ Gbps? In addition, explain two advantages of this cable type.

Cat5/Cat7 cable fibre optic for
high speeds.

Speed 100 Mbps for high speeds Ethernet
(100BaseT), 1000 Mbps for Gigabit Ethernet (Other factors such as networked
computer CPU speed, OS and frame size may affect performance).


Some of the key benefits of the
Cat 5 network cable is its adaptability. It can be used as binary diverse cable
sorts. One is the solid conductor formula, which is used for connecting a wall
socket with a central panel. That’s the inexpensive Cat 5 network cable.


What protocol do the web browsers to download the email from
Google Mail & show the email use?

SMTP, IMAP and POP3 continue as
protocols that an email client may use to exchange to a mail server. The server
will bring the raw email, without adjusting its content, to any email client
capable of speaking IMAP/POP. Although these two procedures have significant
differences, neither touch the HTML of the email, so as far as we are concerned
they are the same. If you have ever collected your email from a webmail account
onto, say, your mobile phone, chances are you used either POP or IMAP. These
protocols are harmless in terms of rendering; they are also thought to be the
most commonly used methods of retrieving email



Explain why data packets has to have a unique IP address for each

The router allocates local IP
addresses to your connected devices. This permits them to communicate amongst
each other behind your router in your home. However, these local IP addresses
are not reachable from the Internet.




8.      Explain why network hubs are normally
slower at transferring data than network switches.


When a hub obtains a packet of data from a
connected device, it broadcasts that data packet to all other connected devices
regardless of which one ends up being the destination. Additionally, network
bandwidth is divided between all the connected computers. Hence, the more
computer that are connected, the lesser amount of bandwidth that is available
for each computer, which means slower connection speeds.




Why this ISP has
higher transfer rates than other ISP’s?


ADSL broadband is connection provided over home telephone
lines.BT possesses the UK’s landline infrastructure, so when you have an ADSL
connection, you need to rent your phone line from BT. ADSL delivers a
high-quality, reliable connection. The distinctive factor of ADSL is that the
flow of data is greater in one direction than it is in the other. Therefore,
download speeds are far greater than upload speeds. Consequently, ADSL
broadband is typically marketed towards passive internet customers who rely on
downloads but partake little emphasis on uploads.








small business network connection.-

Building a small business network,
the two most essential pieces of equipment you will need are switches and
routers. Though they look comparable, the two devices execute different functions
in a network. Switches connect Multiple devices (Computers, Servers, printers)
on same network within a Building a campus. A switch enables connected devices
to share information and talk to each other.



Diagram of how small business network devices
& transmission medium would be connected together











What Network Operating System (NOS) software
could be used to network all the devices together?

An older terminal such as Windows NT and
Digital’s OpenVMS come with capabilities that enable them to describe as a
network operating system.

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