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makes this world so special?” This question was in my mind for a long time. It
seems has a lot of answers and is easy to reply, but what is the most accurate
answer? Language. Language is the final answer that I figured out. There are
billions of people in this world, language creates the culture, the voice, and the
connections between the people, all of these become together and made the term
what we called Society. The diversity among the people and the countries begin
with the language. There are thousands of languages in this world, and English
is one of the most popular language. According to the data, approximately 375
million people speak English, and there are more than fifty English speaking
countries. Due to the desires to explore this world, more and more people start
to learn English as a life skill. Without the problem of language
communication, people gain more choices on their living environment, and this
situation made immigration become more popular during these years. America is
one of the developed counties with a great economy and large population of
immigrants, as immigrants number gets bigger, language become the major
problem. Immigrants wants to talk in both English and their languages, but the
society seems to have an invisible hand to force them only speak English. This
comes out with the question: Should all of the people in America speak English
just because they are in an English-speaking country? I would like to answer No
to this question.

myself is an international student. Throwing back to my early life, there was
almost nothing I need to truly worried about. I have enough money, clothes,
food, a wonderful family and some best friends. To provide me a better
education, my parents sent me to the U.S when I was in high school. I was
fifteen at that time, came to this unfamiliar land alone with some fear and a
little bit more excited. My high school is a private school which in a small
town, due to the limitation of the international student, I am the only one who
came from Asian. Because everyone around me uses English, I received a
tremendous progress in my speaking and writing in the first three months.

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However, I always felt something went wrong but I could not tell what is that,
and I did not found out the answer until I meet the new Asian girl who came
from the same country as I am. I miss my language, the language that I used for
fifteen years, it was in the deepest of my heart, connect with my culture, my
life and defined who I am. Because of the environment, I did not have the
chance to speak or write in my language for a long time, and Mandarin is become
more unfamiliar with me as day goes by. When I couldn’t remember how to speak
the word “Backyard” in Mandarin, and forget how to write it down, I start to afraid.

And this Asian girl bring me the hope. May be because of we all have an Asian appearance,
both of us felt close when we first meet. We started our conversation with
English, and suddenly switched it to Mandarin. I have never thought my language
will gave me such a huge sense of belonging before I came to U.S, I felt like I
was going to cry at that time. However, what did happen next is not in my plan.

Both of us got a detention from our teacher, and the reason was we were
speaking Mandarin in school, which the rules said English is the only language
that allowed to speak for the international students. After that we are forced
to talk to each other by using English at school. The rule made me felt sad for
a long time, and I start to think why it is important for a school to banned
the languages between international students.

like what Durga Chew-Bose said in her writing D As In, her name is the identity of herself, it contained a lot of
things from her life, told her who she is. For me, language has the same
meaning as Durga’s name. My language contained my experiences from last fifteen
years, mixed with my culture and my personality, it directly showed others who
I am. Moving to an English-speaking country and become a non-native speaker is
people’s own choice. It required a lot of courage and is also a challenge for
them because they need to accept a new culture and language. To those people
who are foreigners like me, banned our native language is equal to deny
ourselves. Not every non-native speaker is good at English, and sometimes
things can be understood only in our native languages. We are trying our best
to assimilate into this society, and language should not be the thing which
need to be banned.

be some of the people will argue with my point of view, said that English is
the national language, unified the language is convenient for everyone during
daily life. I am totally agreed with this opinion. By living in an
English-Speaking country, fluent in English can be very helpful, and everyone
should use English to communicate with each other in the public area because
everyone can understand what we are talking about in this way. However, it is
not reasonable to force two non-native speakers speak English when they are
only talk in personal. Language identified who they are, and using their language
in private is their way of living. Again, I believe people shouldn’t only talk
in English just because they are in an English-speaking country. Language is
the only thing that will follow us through the entire life, learning a second
language is very important, but while we are learning, we should never give up on
our native languages.

According to Maria Wimber (2015), the writer of Retrieval induces adaptive forgetting of
competing memories via cortical pattern suppression, “Remembering a past
experience can, surprisingly, cause forgetting.” 

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