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What motivates humans to behave in the ways we do? Is it based on external factors? Or should we take a closer look at our biology and genetics to draw a conclusion? The dynamics of psychology affect our everyday life and behavior and this is what attracts me to the subject.  Reading about case studies through lessons, articles and my own research has intensified my desire for examining and understanding people’s behavior. One reason I wish to study psychology is that is gives you many skills that other subjects do not such as an expansive understanding of the emotional, cognitive and social determinants of behavior as well as a broad knowledge of psychological research methods and the accompanying research ethics.  A particular part of the course that appeals to me is the application to a clinical context. Learning how to use the knowledge I gain from the course to benefit and promote others well-being is something I would find especially rewarding. Secondly, the chance to access cutting edge laboratory equipment and computing facilities is something that especially appeals to me as it would be instrumental in allowing me to take a more scientific approach in understanding the thoughts and motivations that underpin our actions. Forensic psychology is also a branch within the discipline I find particularly intriguing. The syllabus of A-Level psychology gave me an opportunity to gain a basic comprehension of forensic psychology and studying Crime and Deviance in sociology has enhanced my ability to analyse individuals and society from differing approaches. This sparked my fascination in the workings of the criminal mind and whether their actions were the result of genetic makeup or external factors such as socialisation and upbringing. I also have a creative edge thus my reasoning for choosing film studies as one of my A-Levels. However, my interest in film extends outside of my academic studies. By working with a small team of friends I have participated in the creation of multiple short films, often taking on a video editor role using programs such as Final Cut Pro. After my time at college I decided to defer one year and have used that time to develop skills that will benefit me during the course and throughout general university life. At present I am working in a restaurant as a waiter. Having experience serving a large variety of people with different personalities will prove invaluable in such a people-centered subject. It has also helped to improve my confidence in dealing with others, which was previously lacking. Additionally, I have learnt the importance of cooperation by working with others as well as time management and reliability. In my spare time I enjoy going to see the latest releases at the cinema as it helps me gain a better understanding of the craft. Often films have themes surrounding social issues relevant to our own experiences such as mental illness, discrimination and cultural differences. This has allowed me to see from others perspectives outside of my own experience. As a result of my multi-cultural upbringing, I can speak English and Cantonese. Being bi-lingual can be advantageous as it allows me to communicate and relate to those from a different walk of life. I very much look forward to the start of university life. As someone who is truly passionate about psychology I am sure I will make a worthy undergraduate student. My enthusiasm for the subject combined with the transferable skills I have learned through past experiences make me an ideal candidate to study psychology at a degree level. 

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